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Welcome to Learning on Demand, NWPPA’s online learning program! This program includes interactive online courses on electric power and its history as well as a series of training videos all of which are available to our members anytime and anywhere. Take these short training courses at your own pace and at your own convenience. Learning events are detailed below.

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Electric Power Utility Basics

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History of Public Power

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HR Law for Managers Series

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Communication Skills Series

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30 Second Microsoft Tips Series

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Included Online Courses:

Electric Power Utility Basics
An interactive online course for new employees or anyone who wants to learn about:
•   How electric power is generated and delivered
•   The various types of, and differences, among power utilities
•   The various jobs at utilities and the employees who work at them

The History of Public Power in the Northwest
An interactive online course for anyone who wants to learn about:
•   How electric power was developed (starting with the invention of the light bulb)
•   The development and growth of power generation in the Northwest
•   The challenges faced by public utilities as they grew and evolved into their current form

Included Training Videos:

Workplace Violence Prevention Videos
Twelve short videos about how to recognize and defuse threatening situations with internal and external customers both in the office and the field. These can be shown as part of monthly safety meetings or viewed by individuals who want information on this topic.
•  What is workplace violence?
•  Warning signs of workplace violence
•  Seven reasons employees will not report workplace violence
•  Anger and the brain
•  Top 10 phrases to avoid when dealing with an angry person
•  A Story on Stalking
•  Dealing with defensive behavior
•  Threats
•  Robbery at work
•  Face to face with fear
•  In the presence of danger
•  How to be an effective witness to a workplace crime

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