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Training Department Highlights

November 7–8, 2018

Substation Series: Print Reading and Electrical Circuit Troubleshooting Techniques

This two-day class is intended serve as a refresher in substation print reading and be additional training for individuals who are responsible for substation operations and maintenance.
Students will demonstrate their knowledge using simple to complex substation drawings in troubleshooting of substations.

Who Should Attend:
Lineman, substation personnel and distribution engineers who have responsibility for the operation and maintenance of distribution and transmission substations.

November 13–16, 2018

Substation Series: Power Systems 103—Relay Commissioning 1

This is an intense four-day class that is geared toward answering fundamental questions about field commissioning of protection and control equipment.

Who Should Attend:
Field technicians; new protection and control engineers; and other utility staff that would benefit from increased knowledge about field testing.


Northwest Public Power Association