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Training Department Highlights

October 23, 2018

All Aboard: Supervisors Guide to Onboarding and Their Critical Role of Employee Development

Challenging work and making a difference are key drivers for many when they are considering joining your organization or changing jobs within it. As a leader, how do you create a positive experience for a new employee through every stage of his or her career?

This highly interactive one-day workshop will focus on onboarding new employees; creating and implementing learning pathways; coaching for success; and keeping your own resiliency strong along the way.

During this class, you will learn:

  • How to successfully onboard new employees and start on the right foot together
  • How to coach for success through the employment life-cycle
  • Roles and responsibilities in employee development and how to implement learning pathways
  • How to have conversations around career development

You’ll leave this workshop refreshed, recharged, and carrying some new tools in your toolbox. Plus, you’ll learn from other leaders and have some fun along the way.

October 17 -18, 2018

Lineman Skills Series: AC Transformers, Advanced Theory and Practical Application

This advanced two-day class provides attendees with a journeyman lineman's view of AC transformers. The curriculum includes a combination of electrical theory and hands-on practice. The overall program is to teach students how transformers are used to manage and control the flow of alternating current in electrical distribution systems. Attendees will be provided with an opportunity to work with and arrange transformers in a variety of configurations to achieve specific voltage outputs using hands-on equipment and computer simulation.


Northwest Public Power Association