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NWPPA’s Education Services staff work with the NWPPA Board of Trustees, a Workforce Development Committee, program specific committees, individual utilities, state and national associations, and individual participants to develop learning opportunities to meet specific needs.

Before you pick up the phone or click the link to contact one of our training managers, please review the areas of utility practice or utility departments for which each Training Manager develops and offers training. This will help you get to the specific person you need to talk to without delay!


Elaine Dixon, Director of Education & Workforce Development

sm. Scott Lowry

Scott Lowry, Training Manager

sm. Bonnie McCombs

Bonnie McCombs, Training Manager

sm. Jenny Keesey

Jenny Keesey, Training Manager

sm. Gail Patterson

Gail Patterson, Registration/Database Administrator

sm. Janet Lucas

Janet Denman, Meeting Manager


Nicole Farabee, Project Coordinator