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NWPPA’s Education Services staff work with the NWPPA Board of Trustees, a Workforce Development Committee, program specific committees, individual utilities, state and national associations, and individual participants to develop learning opportunities to meet specific needs.

Before you pick up the phone or click the link to contact one of our training managers, please review the areas of utility practice or utility departments for which each Training Manager develops and offers training. This will help you get to the specific person you need to talk to without delay!


Elaine Dixon, Director of Education & Workforce Development

Elaine provides overall management of the education and training programs at NWPPA. You can contact Elaine with any general questions you have about education and training programs and services. In addition, talk with Elaine about training in the following areas: board and management training; workforce expansion; Sr leadership and Foreman leadership certificate programs, and communication curricula.

In addition, the director of education provides support to the NWPPA Annual Conference, the Northwest Communication & Energy Innovations Conference and Women in Public Power.  For questions about these areas or any of the NWPPA training and workforce development capabilities and options, please contact Elaine.

elaine@nwppa.org – (360) 816-1445

sm. Jenny Keesey

Jenny Keesey, Training Manager

Jenny is responsible for the Engineering & Operations Conference Trade Show, Leadership Skills Series training, Enterprise Risk Management, Administrative Professionals Certificate, Finance & Accounting Certificates curricula.  With the help of the various supporting committees, Jenny delivers the Administrative Professionals and Finance and Accounting Conferences.   Jenny also works with the Environmental Taskforce and delivers the new workshop Pot and Power.

For information in any of these areas, please contact Jenny.

jennifer@nwppa.org – (360) 816-1458

Taryn Johnson

Taryn Johnson Training Manager

Taryn concentrates on all things IT, Customer Service, Human Resources, NWPPA Labor & Employee Relations Group, Supply Chain (Purchasing and Stores) and Learning on Demand. Along with the various supporting committees, she delivers the IT, Customer and 3 C’s (Customer Service, Credit and Collections) Conferences, and the L&ERG Annual Meeting.  Bonnie has recently taken the critical issue of cyber security and delivered Hack Attack! Workshops. Bonnie is an expert in utilizing the Succession Planning Toolkit and is happy to work with you on planning your workforce needs.

Contact Taryn if you have questions in these areas.

taryn@nwppa.org – (360) 816-1446

sm. Gail Patterson

Gail Patterson, Registration/Database Administrator
Gail is responsible for registration for classes and conferences. She also produces certificates, name badges, and other course materials, and administers the CEU process and records. Gail manages the Association’s database and all membership records.

gail@nwppa.org – (360) 816-1450

sm. Janet Lucas

Janet Denman, Meeting Manager
Janet is responsible for reserving meeting and hotel space for all NWPPA training events and conferences. In addition, Janet handles all coordination of speaker materials and conference sponsorships.

janet@nwppa.org – (360) 816-1443


Nicole Farabee, Project Coordinator

nicolef@nwppa.org – (360) 816-1454