Award Information

Do you have a special engineering, operations, or safety employee in your utility? Is there someone who deserves credit for going above and beyond the call of duty?

Nominations and entries for NWPPA’s engineering, operations, and safety awards are now being accepted. The awards will be presented at the Engineering & Operations Conference in Reno, Nev., April 7-9, 2020. All NWPPA member utilities are encouraged to recognize the efforts of their employees with one or more of these prestigious annual awards.

Due date for all of the following awards has been extended to February 14, 2020, so don’t delay.

Excellence in Engineering or Operations Award

The Excellence in Engineering or Operations Award is given to a utility employee who has made contributions to the industry in the field of engineering or operations. Examples of industry contributions may include unique or progressive innovations that impact the industry; participation and/or leadership on industry standards, issues, or committees; or any of the myriad of opportunities presented by the issues and challenges the industry has faced.

Career Commitment to Safety Award

The Career Commitment to Safety Award recognizes one individual each year who has displayed outstanding proficiency in safety; demonstrated safety leadership in his or her utility and the industry; and has made a significant contribution towards safety throughout his or her career.

Safety Heroism Award

The Safety Heroism Award recognizes a utility employee (or team) that displayed an act of unselfish and voluntary assistance in a situation where life, significant injury, or noteworthy property loss would have occurred if not for the efforts of the individual or the team.

Utility Safety Contest Awards

The Utility Safety Contest Awards recognize NWPPA member utilities for the best safety records of 2019 based upon incident experience, utility size, and the total injury and illness (incidence) rate. Data for this contest is available on your OSHA Form 300 or OSHA Form 300A.

Outstanding Associate Member Award

This award is given to Associate Members for their outstanding support of the NWPPA Engineering and Operations Conference and Trade Show.