Senior Leadership Skills Certificate

Senior Leadership Skills Certificate – Formerly Pathways to Leadership

Senior Leadership Skills is a newer leadership series designed for the next level of leadership development for our members. Blending classroom training, coaching, and everyday work into one integral leadership development process, Senior Leadership Skills focuses not just on what leaders learn but also how they learn it. Through a series of classes, online tools, templates, and application assignments, leaders can practice and apply essential skills within the context of an actual job.

To maximize the benefit of this series, NWPPA strongly encourages a cohort approach. It is our intention that this cohort will navigate and complete the series together, thus building strong relationships and public power support networks in the West.

Senior Leadership Skills has three core themes:

  1. Lead yourself. You will learn how to build essential skills and capabilities within yourself; you will learn a great deal about yourself, including your values, strengths, and working styles; and you will receive practical tools for developing your own leadership philosophy, aligning your priorities, and enhancing your leadership credibility.
  2. Lead your team. You will learn how to build and sustain a strong working team. Through situational team leadership you will receive practical tools to build trust, encourage engagement, enhance problem solving, and help move your team(s) through different stages of team development. You will learn a simple yet powerful coaching tool that will help you coach your team to unlock performance breakthroughs by understanding key elements of human performance and how to influence them; you will also learn and practice a repeatable process for structuring coaching conversations.
  3. Lead your organization. You will learn how you can make a positive contribution to the success of your organization. There is a big difference between knowing how to survive in the organization and knowing how to help your organization succeed. You will learn the tools that will help you provide aligned and collaborative leadership within the context of your role in the organization.
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