Leadership Skills Certificate

Leadership Skills Certificate Program

Session 1 – Situational Leadership (2 days)

This two day session, taught by the Ken Blanchard Companies, helps participants to develop their own leadership styles. The class covers special leadership skills for diagnosing the development level of employees, delegation, supportive and directive leading strategies, and how to adapt leadership styles to differing situations.

Session 2 — Leadership Challenges (2 days)

This two day class focuses on successfully addressing and de-escalating challenging situations. Participants learn to identify potentially problematic behaviors, use assertive verbal skills, and utilize problem-solving strategies. Class participants practice effective communication in challenging situations through class exercises.

Session 3 — Personalities and Attitudes in the Workplace (2 days)

Pre-requisite: “Leadership Skills Session 1 – Situational Leadership” must be taken before Session 3.

This course, taught by Ken Blanchard Companies, begins with a self-discovery pre-workshop exercise to determine your personality type. The session continues with an explanation of how best to identify and deal with the different personality types you work with and the approaches you may use with different workplace temperments. Discover the Leadership Styles that work best with and learn to modify your approach to motivate and create a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Session 4 – HR Basics & Building a More Effective Workplace (2 days)

The first day focuses on ‘HR Basics’ for personnel who wish to obtain an overview and basic working knowledge of employment and labor laws that affect their business. The class will cover basic federal laws, issues which commonly arise under these laws, and areas that may lead to litigation in the employment process: hiring, evaluations, discipline, harassment, accommodation, attendance, and discharge. Participants will also explore the importance of employee evaluations and the best process to prepare and conduct appraisals.

Session 5 – OPTIONAL – Supervising Union Employees (2.5 days)

The MARC Union-Labor Relations program increases the skills and confidence of front line supervisors to serve as management’s front line representatives in dealing with employees, stewards, and officers of the union. Additionally, top-level managers are trained to delegate and support front line supervisors. The MARC program provides a well-organized format to produce uniform interpretation of the contract, rules, and policies, which reduces inconsistencies in dealing with employees. Union procedures with proper documentation are consistently followed in handling grievances, providing job performance counseling, administering disciplinary action, and making job promotion decisions.

Session 6 – OPTIONAL – Safety Leadership/Safety Culture (2 days)

This class is a highly interactive workshop with minimal lecture and maximum discussion, as well as hands-on exercises and appropriate workbook materials. It will equip key executives and leaders with the important insights, strategies, and tools necessary to achieve zero-incident safety performance within their organizations. They will learn how to build a successful safety culture by instructing:

  • How to involves all levels of your organization in visible, active, focused engagement in safety
  • How to identify risks and issues that organizational personnel face
  • How to integrate safety management principles and processes into the daily operation of the business
  • How to create a positive safety culture built upon “catching employees doing things right”
  • How to build trust, improve management credibility, and strengthen communications
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