Foreman Leadership Skills Certificate

Foreman Leadership Skills Certificate Program

In the transition from lineman to foreman, the first most important skill you need is how to lead. This series is designed to prepare new and future foreman, crew leaders, and others in supervisory capacities for the challenges of effective leadership.

Participants will gain insight into leadership attributes that others respect and value, how to be an effective workplace leader, and start developing their own unique leadership style.

Day 1: Effective Problem Solving

This course will provide you with tools to address problems within your own team. Through the use of case studies, class discussion, and interactive sessions, participants will address typical concerns including: identifying, diagnosing, and resolving problems; making optimal decisions; and using relevant documentation to track progress and evaluate results.

Day 2: Keys to Discipline and Delegation

This one-day seminar digs deep into the dynamics of workplace relationships and presents a variety of tools for effective delegation of duties, tasks, and responsibilites. Special focus is made on workplace relationships and how to maximize productivity at work using “motivation through delegation”, counseling, discipline, and strategies for chronic problems.

Day 1: Reducing Conflicts & Communication and Customer Service

Workplace relationships are further explored in this one-day seminar, as participants gain insight into causes of conflict, strategies for engagement, and how to foster a healthy work environment.

Day 2: Communication and Customer Service for Line Crews

This one-day seminar will piggyback on the previous day’s content to examine and introduce skills of interpersonal communication with customers. Participants focus on elements of great customer service both in person and by telephone utilizing interactive exercises and class discussion, and addressing common situations like tech support, questions, and imparting information. This course is intended to give employees the skills they need to provide great customer service in a reduced stress environment.

Day 1: Developing Valuable Organizational Management Skills

One of the more difficult tasks any leader faces is learning to effectively manage their job and that of others. The realities of shorter deadlines, competing priorities, endless meetings, constant interruptions, and higher quality expectations are just a few of the challenges individuals face on a day-to-day basis. This course gives leaders the tools they need to be effective in the job, including: time management, delegation skills, organizational techniques, and prioritization.

Day 2: Building a More Effective Work Group

In this one day class, participants learn the skills of being an effective team builder. The class covers pitfalls leaders face, steps to team success, conflict reduction, setting appropriate ground rules, and strategies for maintaining control and impartiality.

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