Administrative Professionals Certificate Level 3


Administrative Professionals Certificate Level 3

This four-day series of classes continues to build on Level l & 2 skills by further developing utility-specific administrative skills to understand the organizational structure, manage projects, communicate ideas, and understand how your work supports the organization.

Day 1: Organizational Dynamics, Teams, and Diversity

This class will help you understand the organizational culture, understand the basics of teams and individuals and what makes them successful; learn about the challenges that utilities are facing regarding diversity in workforce and customer base; and overcoming conflicts and differences between generations for improved communication and knowledge transfer.

Day 2: Project Management

In this session, participants learn how to plan, organize and control projects of any size; apply the skills for organizing and tracking project resources; identify potential problems and fixing them as they arise; use time management skills for setting priorities; and recognizing the skills of exerting influence without authority.

Day 3: Getting Support for Your Ideas and Presentation Skills

This training focuses on identifying current attitudes and issues with communication of ideas; analyzing the types of information that each person must convey; providing a step-by-step process for overcoming nervousness when presenting; and providing a practice session for presenting a topic.

Day 4: Performance Management – Self-Appraisals and Goal Setting

This class provides understanding of how an individual’s work supports the team and organization’s goals; key actions for performance planning; creating verifiable, objective goals using specific criteria; recognizing the challenges individuals may have in achieving their goals and developing strategies to overcome these challenges; and preparing for focused performance management conversations to address expectation setting, performance issues, and performance appraisals.

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