Administrative Professionals Certificate Level 2

Administrative Professionals Certificate Level 2

This four-day series of classes builds on Level l skills by further developing utility-specific administrative skills to increase effectiveness and communication with others in the workplace. Topics covered include critical thinking and decision making, positive assertiveness in the workplace, developing organizational skills, and personal strategies for navigating change.

Day 1: Critical Thinking and Decision Making Skills

This class is designed to help individuals develop and build decision-making, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. Participants practice creative techniques for assessing and resolving problems, examine the role of inferences and assumptions, and learn how to ask the right questions to get the answers you need.

Day 2: Positive Assertiveness in the Workplace

In this course, participants learn how to be assertive by sending the right signals to get the right responses. The class focuses on building skills to increase worktime productivity and satisfaction through: managing conflicts and stress, navigating challenges, and using assertive delegation. Participants practice assertive communication techniques and how to cultivate an image of confidence and competency.

Day 3: Organizational Skills – Time and Stress Management

This training focuses on learning and developing the organizational skills necessary for effective management. Participants will gain insight into developing personal flexibility to deal with uncertainty and to find meaning in what they are doing. This class will focus on the important skill of self-control and self-determination. Participants will learn how to make better choices at work, how to practice self-discipline, and how to prioritize.

Day 4: Personal Strategies for Navigating Change

This class provides an effective approach to navigating change that people in any organization can use. The class explores skills that help people deal with change both individually and interpersonally, and develop strategies to deal effectively with a change that’s difficult for them.

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