Administrative Professionals Certificate Level 1

Administrative Professionals Certificate Level 1

During this four-day training, administrative professionals of all experience levels have the opportunity to grow their skill set and gain certification that shows their high competency in their trade. Our series is conveniently broken up into themes by day: business communication skills, personal leadership skills, the basics of electrical systems, and resolving conflict in the workplace. Certification in this course not only displays your abilities and the high value of your work to employers, it can make you love your job even more!

Day 1: Business Communication Skills

In this session you will learn the basic rules and conventions of both conversational and written language as they apply to the business environment. Course participants review proper sentence structure, appropriate word choice, and common errors in spelling and punctuation. Harnessing participant creativity, the class also practices the use of literary devices to promote clarity, understanding, and cultivate a favorable impression in your business writing.

Day 2: Personal Leadership Skills

This course is designed specifically for those with administrative responsibility to help increase cooperation and productivity. Participants will explore the bases of organizational power and how to effectively use each to accomplish challenging tasks and meet critical deadlines. Participants also will explore: understanding the bases of power and influence; levels of professional independence; principals of “followership”; and the SELF Evaluation: working with internal and external customers.

Day 3: Understanding the Basics of Electricity – Generation Through Distribution

This course is designed to acquaint non-technical employees with the basics of electricity. Emphasis is given to commercial applications, such as how electricity is generated, transmitted to local electric companies, and distributed to the end-use customer. Through enhanced understanding of the electrical utility industry, this workshop empowers participants to improve their administrative relationships with both internal and external customers.

Day 4: Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

This one-day course provides participants the skills to turn conflict into opportunities to achieve positive, productive results. Participants identify their typical approaches to conflict; explore the pitfalls common to dealing with conflict in today’s organizations; and using a situation from their own work, practice the specific skills they use on the job.

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