Accounting & Finance Certificate

Accounting and Finance Certificate Program

The NWPPA Accounting & Finance program consists of 15 classes; of those seven are brand new. All classes are distributed over three experience levels – entry level, intermediate level and advanced/CFO. All classes present cutting edge information to keep you abreast of current industry information, practices, accounting and finance themes and philosophy. Participants can enhance and certify their skills in accounting and finance. Certification in this program recognizes the participants’ high degree of skill and competency, making them extremely valuable to employers.

For certification in Accounting and FInance, choose any six classes from the curricula, along with the Electric Utility Systems Operations class. All classes must be completed in a five year period.

The certificate program is designed to enhance and certify the skills of accounting and finance employees. By completing the program, attendees will be recognized as having an excellent foundational knowledge of the utility and accounting and finance function for both governmental and cooperative organizations.

The Accounting & Finance Program schedule contains details on available classes and locations. For more information or assistance, please contact Jenny Keesey at (360) 816-1458 or via email at

Accounting and Finance Instructors:

Anne Falcon, EES Consulting

  • A One Day School on Load Forecasting
  • Unbundled Cost of Service & Rate Design
  • Introduction to Rate Making
  • Advanced Rate Making

Kim Mikkelsen, KW Consulting

  • Basics of Budgeting and Financial Forecasting
  • Challenging Financial Management
  • Nuts and Bolts of Work Orders
  • The Wonderful World of RUS Accounting

Moss Adams, LLP

  • Advanced Utility Accounting
  • Fraud in Utilities
  • Key Topics in Utility Accounting
  • Monitoring Budgets and Financial Analysis

Julie Ryan, Aether Advisors

  • Enterprise Risk Management: Adding Value to Your Organization
  • Enterprise Risk Management: A Successful Implementation
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