NWPPA’s primary service to its members is education and training. We offer over 250 events and train over 6,000 utility employees annually.

This center has been designed to help you find the training and information you need to enhance the knowledge required to do your job and to improve your skills. It is also the place you can arrange for training to learn what you need to know to pursue your next job.

Program Areas

The utility industry is a dynamic place, and through our available courses you have the opportunity to grow and change along with it! NWPPA offers a wide range of courses that broaden the scope of skills you bring to the workplace. Our experienced instructors provide classes in administrative, leadership, and technical skills that improve workplace performance, cohesion, and help you get ready to move up to that leadership position you are working toward.


NWPPA continues to strive to meet your training needs. We have created virtual options that are scheduled throughout the year. We continue to add more virtual learning opportunities in multiple program areas.

Search Events

Using the “Search Events” form, type the name of the event and click the “Search” button. You can also filter by month or interest category and then click the “search” button. The filtered results will appear below and may require the user to scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Filtered results may cross over into multiple pages and will require the user to click on the additional page number buttons at the top or bottom of the listed results.

Learning on Demand is NWPPA’s online learning program. This program includes interactive online courses on electric power and its history as well as a series of training videos all of which are available to registered members anytime and anywhere. 

Take these short training courses at your own pace and at your own convenience.

In-House Training

We offer in-house courses at your utility, exclusively for your employees. For ten or more employees, our in-house training options provide a comprehensive and economical way to provide the educational opportunity you’re looking for! In-house training creates a unique and personal learning environment that broadens your employees’ skill set in a close, familiar, team-oriented setting.

Contact a training manager today!

Training & Education Staff

NWPPA’s Education Services staff works with the NWPPA Board of Trustees, a Workforce Development Committee, program specific committees, individual utilities, state and national associations, and individual participants to develop learning opportunities to meet specific needs.

Before you pick up the phone or click the link to contact one of our training managers, please review the areas of utility practice or utility departments for which each Training Manager develops and offers training. This will help you get to the specific person you need to talk to without delay!

Jenny Keesey

Director of Learning and Workforce Development



Roy Cevallos




Yara Amberson

Learning Program Manager



Annie Wittenberg

Learning Program Manager