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UG Distribution Line Service

Consumer Power Inc – Northfork #181807: Construction WO #21008185, 86, 87, & 88

This project is installing a new UG distribution line service to the community of Northfork, Oregon. After fires devastated the region in the summer of 2020, substantial power grid infrastructure restoration has begun. Northfork is located 56 miles east of Salem, OR on OR-22 and N Fork Rd. To reach the site of the work head east on OR-22 from Salem, take a left on N Fork Rd after 22.6 miles. Dogwood Lane is 6.3 miles down N Fork Rd. Elkhorn Community is 10.4 miles down N Fork Rd. Elkhorn Woods is 12 miles down N Fork Rd. Elkhorn Community is 14.7 miles down N Fork Rd. The 3 other work sites are along the route to Northfork. The below map shows those locations as well as coordinates below the map. The scope of the work includes trenching and installing 66 pad-mount sleeves, 17 junction boxes, and 16 secondary pedestals. Each of these items will also require a GE communications box. Each trench will contain 1 2” conduit and 1 3” conduit.

Bid Post                                                                11/3/2021

Bid Walk                                                               11/16/2021 @ 9am

Bidder Question Deadline                            11/22/2021 @ 5pm

Bid Opening                                                       12/01/2021 @ 3pm

Notice of Intent to Award                            12/06/2021

Signed Contract                                                12/09/2021

Commence Construction                             1/01/2022 or earlier

Complete Construction                                  4/01/2022 with weather contingency


In order to gain access to the BKI Bid Center, please email Edward Hockaday at

Bid documents including Addenda will be posted to the BKI bid center at

Questions must be submitted in writing to Edward Hockaday at no later than the Bidder Question Deadline date specified in the Bid Form.

Proposals shall be addressed to Billy Terry at Consumers Power Inc and clearly marked “SEALED BID: Consumer Power Inc – Northfork #181807: Construction WO #21008185, 86, 87, & 88”

Billy Terry
Consumers Power Inc
6990 W Hills Rd
Philomath, OR 97370

An identical copy of the Proposal shall be submitted electronically to Edward Hockaday at