Invitation to Bid-The Dalles Fishway Juvenile Fish Sampling Facility

Invitation to Bid-The Dalles Fishway Juvenile Fish Sampling Facility

Notice of Invitation to Bid

 For The Dalles Fishway Juvenile Fish Sampling Facility Upgrade Project (TDF JFSF Upgrade Project)

 Issued:  February 3, 2021

 Bid Deadline: 3 p.m. April 22, 2021


 Northern Wasco County People’s Utility District (hereinafter called the “District”) issues this notice of an Invitation to Bid (“ITB”) for the purpose of soliciting sealed bids for construction services, including the supply of necessary labor and equipment to relocate, modify and construct a project for the District to be known as The Dalles Fishway Juvenile Fish Sampling Facility Upgrade Project (hereinafter called the “Project”).

The work is fully described in the Contract Documents. Interested contractors can obtain copies of the ITB solicitation documents by sending a request to A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held in person on March 3, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. at the District office; 2345 River Road, The Dalles, Oregon. Statements made by Owner or Owner’s representatives at the conference will not be binding upon the Owner unless confirmed by written Addendum. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, contractors must contact the District by email at requesting access to the mandatory pre-bid conference by February 26, 2021. Only two (2) representatives per bidder will be admitted to the pre-bid conference.

A mandatory pre-bid site visit will be held on March 11, 2021 at a time to be determined. The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) controls access to the project site; therefore, the District will obtain certain personal information from those representatives attending the site visit. This information will be submitted to USACE for access permission. Please note, convicted felons will not be permitted access to the jobsite per USACE regulations. The District will provide information pertaining to site visit access requirements at the pre-bid conference on March 3, 2021.

Sealed bids must be received by the District on or before April 22, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. Bids will be accepted electronically using a file exchange platform provided by the District. Only those Contractors present at the mandatory pre-bid conference and mandatory site visit will be given access to the afore mentioned file exchange platform. Any bids received after the time specified will not be considered.

All Bid Proposals shall be submitted on the prescribed form and accompanied by a Bid Proposal deposit in cash, certified check, cashier’s check or surety bond in the amount equal to five percent (5%) of the amount of such bid proposal. Should the successful bidder fail to enter into such contract and furnish satisfactory Performance Bond within the time stated in the Specifications, the Bid Proposal deposit shall be forfeited to the District.

Project Description
The ITB Contract Documents include plans that provide instructions and details for the construction of the District’s Juvenile Fish Sampling Facility Upgrade Project located on the north shore of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) The Dalles Dam, in Klickitat County, Washington. The District is required to monitor fish passage through the dewatering structure of the North Shore Fishway Hydroelectric Project during the salmon smolt out migration. Monitoring is stipulated in the 1991 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license (FERC Project #7076, Article 403). Additionally, a Biological Opinion issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in December of 2011, limits the incidental take associated with the monitoring.
The objective of this project is to construct a dedicated sampling collection facility to improve much of the existing infrastructure currently used for this required activity, including:
1. Eliminate the need to reduce discharge levels from the dewatering structure during sample collection.
2. Eliminate any impacts from forebay elevation changes.
3. Provide a safer collection routine.
4. Provide improved holding conditions for fish.
Monitoring and evaluation of migrating fish is based on one 24-hour sample per week and direct examination of the collected smolts. Sampling occurs from April through July.
Major elements of the Project include modifications to several existing structures that will carry water to and from a new fish screen, furnished by The Farmer’s Conservation Alliance (FCA). This project also includes the construction of a new sampling station where fish isolated with the FCA fish screen will be sampled.
Those major project elements include the following:
1. Reducing the slope of a section of the existing 24-inch HDPE bypass pipe attached to the fish ladder. This will be done by raising the existing pipe supports. This is intended to reduce water velocity at the entrance to the screen.
2. Fabrication and installation of a new switch gate and its supports. The switch gate will divert flow from the bypass route to the sample collection route.
3. Purchase, relocation and/or installation of a new drop section of 24-inch diameter HDPE bypass pipe. This section of new pipe will connect exit waters from the switch gate to the existing bypass profile.
4. Modification of the existing bypass pipeline to allow for the installation of seven (7) 12-inch diameter return water pipes from the dewatering screen and collection tank and one (1) 6-inch return water pipe from the fish recovery tank.
5. Installation of a 25 foot entry flume section and a 40 foot FCA fish screen, including supporting structure, steps, construct gravel walkway and metal grating assembly.
6. Fabrication of a new sampling station structure. The structure is 20 feet by 20 feet square with a steel column and beam roof assembly. The structure will include concrete foundation and walls. The roof will be steel and have gutters and downspouts. Metal guard railing will be fabricated and installed.
7. All in-water work must be completed within the permitted work window. The successful bidder should take all reasonable measures to mitigate bypass pipe out-of-service times.

Construction project success will be determined by an evaluation of salmon smolt condition after passing through the upgraded facility. Project modifications or adaptations may be required if biological testing shows an unacceptable level of fish injury and mortality.

Bid Contents Summary
Each bid must meet all the following to be considered for acceptance by the District:
• Provide a copy of the Contractor’s Construction Bid Form, and Construction Bid Schedules.
• Consent to the general conditions of the Contractor’s Bid.
• Outline the contractor’s construction experience in the last two years. Include: location, size of project, project attributes, and the total project costs with itemized cost components. Timeframes of projects from inception to completion, and were deadlines met.
• Describe the contractor’s project management techniques.
• List the qualifications of each member of the contractor’s project team and availability for this project.
• Provide a list of previous clients that may be used as references.
• Include the name, address, and telephone number of the primary person from the contractor who will coordinate the construction services with the District.
• Proposed timeline and schedule for Construction activities and completion.
• Please see Evaluation Criteria below and include necessary items to determine scoring and evaluation of contractor.
Anticipated Contract Performance Schedule
• February 3, 2021 – ITB Notice Issued
• March 3, 2021 @10:00 AM PDT – Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference
• March 11, 2021 @ TBD – Mandatory Site Visit
• March 18, 2021 – Question Submission Deadline
• April 22, 2021 @ 3:00 PM PDT – Bids Due
• April 30, 2021 – District Bid Ranking, Preliminary Bidder Selection and Contract Negotiations
• May 7, 2021 – Contract Execution
• October 1, 2021 – Earliest Date for In-Water Construction Activities
• January 21, 2022 – Substantial Completion and Functional Testing
• February 18, 2022 – Biological Testing and Modifications (if needed for agency approval) Complete
• April 1, 2022 – Commercial Operation Date of new facility

It is anticipated that much of the needed work, including the new facility can be prefabricated (potentially offsite) and then installed onsite after October 1, 2021, during a permitted shutdown period. Shutdowns to the bypass pipe during the permitted construction window of October 1, 2021 – April 1, 2022 should be limited in duration and require scheduling with District staff.
It should also be noted that the FCA fish screen for this project requires a minimum 8-week lead time for fabrication and delivery.

Evaluation Criteria
Cost will be the primary consideration used by the District in evaluating and ranking all qualified bids. In addition to cost, the following non-cost factors will be considered in determining each bidder’s experience, qualifications and ability to commit resources for timely performance of the work described in this Solicitation Document.
Experience and Qualifications
Demonstration of proposed project team members:
• Qualifications to perform work in applicable discipline(s) i.e. experience installing, building or repairing fish screens and/or other similar fish monitoring devices or water conveyance systems.
• Knowledge of technical criteria and administrative requirements for projects of similar scope.
• Current and projected workload of each proposed project personnel and proportion of time available for this contract

Contractor Experience
Demonstration of contractor’s:
• Qualifications to perform work in applicable disciplines.
• Past performance in completing projects of similar size and scope.
• Past performance in meeting cost benchmarks in project execution.
• Prior working experience with the District in the past.
• Location of contractor relative to the Project site.
Availability and Commitment of Resources
• Proposed Timeline
• Proposed Staff for project
• Resource Availability
Demonstration of the contractor’s ability to commit the resources required to complete the project within the established time frames, including responsiveness to specific project technical requirements.

Evaluation Process
District staff will evaluate all the bids based on the criteria listed above and the cost competitiveness of the bids received and may request clarifications or additional information, if needed. A selection may be based on the cost alone or any combination of the Evaluation Criteria, references, and interviews. The District Contract Review Board will review staff’s selection and make the determination whether to authorize staff to execute the contract with the selected bidder.
The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informality or technicality in any bid in the interest of the District.

Factors, such as, but not limited to, any of the following, may disqualify bids without further consideration:
• Evidence of collusion, directly or indirectly, among contractors regarding the amount, terms or conditions of this invitation to bid;
• Any attempt to improperly influence any member of the evaluation team;
• Existence of any lawsuit, unresolved contractual claim or dispute between contractor and the District;
• Evidence of incorrect information submitted as part of the bid;
• Evidence of the contractor’s inability to successfully complete the responsibilities and obligations described in the invitation to bid; and
• Contractor’s default under any previous agreement with the District.
Submission of Bids
Submit questions regarding this ITB via email to:
NWCPUD may reject any or all Bids submitted or cancel the ITB if the District deems doing so would be in the public or the District’s interest.
Once a submittal is selected, the District will determine if they desire to enter into negotiations for a final Contract with the most competitive and qualified bidder. The price, cost and other related matters will be negotiated during this period to the satisfaction of the District. Any entity responding to this ITB shall do so at its sole expense; bidders are wholly responsible for any costs incurred responding to this ITB.

This solicitation is being conducted pursuant to procedures set forth in: The District’s Procurement Policies; the Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 279B Public Contracting – Public Procurements; and OAR 137-047.