A&E Solicitation for a Space Needs Study for Skamania County PUD #1

A&E Solicitation for a Space Needs Study for Skamania County PUD #1

Space Needs Study

Issued July 31, 2020

Project Overview

The Skamania County Public Utility District #1 is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) for a study of its headquarters and site. The Skamania PUD is seeking a space-planning firm or team of architect and engineering professionals with experience in renovation concept planning.

The selected firm will work with Skamania PUD staff and decision-makers to identify needs and develop options that ensure a high efficiency workplace. Plan options must give flexibility to adapt to future needs, looking out at least 15 years. In particular, the Skamania PUD is asking the consultant to provide an assessment of space needs including Master Site Plan, concept plan, cost estimating, and project phasing. It is important that the study be conducted in a transparent manner and involve the operations staff to the appropriate degree.



In 1976, the current Skamania PUD building was constructed to create a permanent location for the Skamania PUD’s offices, storage for trucks, equipment, and shops. It is a 16,115 sq. ft. building located at 1492 Wind River Highway, Carson. Since its design, operations, security needs, and services provided have change. For example, the building was designed for historical paper filing and management, which is evolving to electronic filing. The building was also designed for easy public access throughout the building and the ability to handle significant walk-in customers. Walk-in customers have decreased as phone and on-line transactions have increased. Due to the age of the facility, security needs, staffing levels, responsibilities, and operations, there is a need to reevaluate the usage and the efficiency of the building.


Scope of Work

Key Study Goals:

  1. Improve security in public and employee spaces
  2. Increase efficiency of limited staff resources by combining or reducing customer reception points
  3. Allow more effective use of real estate by increasing workspace, meeting/training areas and other flexible workspaces
  4. Make updates needed for legal requirements, state and local building codes, and wellness goals


The SKAMANIA PUD anticipates that the selected firm will design and lead a process consistent with the work program outlined below. Consultants may suggest deviations to this work program that would better achieve project goals. The following scope of work tasks are described in more detail below:


Inventory and Assess Needs

In addition to reviewing existing Skamania PUD documentation, the consultant will also collect additional data necessary to provide a baseline for a need’s analysis and plan recommendations. It will be necessary for the consultant to work with the Skamania PUD to perform site visits, as necessary.

  1. Meet with appropriate Skamania PUD Staff to gain an understanding of their needs specific to the facility. Interview staff to determine the scale and scope of any future construction project. Evaluate procedures and methodology to determine specific needs as they relate to space and infrastructure. Evaluate equipment and material storage needs, both long and short term.
  2. Project future needs and potential modifications to the facility. Summarize the programmatic and operational changes and modifications that have occurred since the facility original construction and the pending impacts.
  3. Review current staffing levels of employees working within Skamania PUD and assess their working areas based upon any available standards and/or norms.
  4. Review in detail existing employee workspaces, current practices performed by staff to meet public’s expectations, and equipment lists of future needs of front counter for Skamania PUD entrance.
  5. Develop ADA needs report and security analysis report.
  6. Recommendations on modifications relative to building systems, such as, but not limited to lighting, HVAC, and security.
  7. Review material and inventory needs and storage requirements.
  8. Evaluate parking needs for the fleet, employees, and the public.



Information from the previous tasks will generate recommendations based on the goals identified.

At minimum recommendations should address the following elements:

  1. Determine the ability of the existing building and site to meet the programmatic and operations space requirements
  2. Develop solutions that addresses short-term and long-term opportunities and deficiencies. Ensure the plan meets the four key study goals.
  3. Develop cost estimates for the solution.



The results should include a needs study memo with an executive summary, space needs program, site plan, ADA code compliance requirement summary, energy efficiency requirement summary, and cost estimates for project.

A draft of the study report will be submitted to the Skamania PUD for review and comment prior to its presentation at the final Skamania PUD Commissioner’s meeting. The final report shall be submitted to the Skamania PUD in written and electronic formats and will be presented to the Skamania PUD Commissioners for their approval.


Desired Project Schedule

The following lists the key milestones in the project process.

  • Request for Proposals Advertised                         July 31, 2020
  • Site Tours                         August 14, 2020
  • Questions Due August 21, 2020
  • Request for Proposal Due to Skamania PUD             September 18, 2020
  • Interviews (if necessary)             September 24, 2020
  • PUD Commission Award Contract to Consultant October 7, 2020
  • Project Start             October 14, 2020
  • Project Complete             March 2021


Submission Contents

The Proposal response should be fully self‐contained, and display clearly and accurately the capabilities, knowledge, experience and capacity of the respondent to meet the requirements of the project and the RFP. The response is limited to 12 pages excluding appendices.

The following will be considered minimum contents of the proposal:

  1. A statement of the approach, objectives, goals and tasks to show the firm’s understanding of the proposed study.
  2. A description and timing of the deliverables to be provided by the firm.
  3. An outline of the firm’s background and experience with similar projects and a list of personnel (including sub-consultants) who will work on the project. This section will detail staff resumes, work experience and employee category.
  4. Examples of similar projects completed, and the full name of the municipality/agency that the work was prepared for. This section will also include the firms’ role with each project.
  5. A detailed work plan that identifies major tasks to be completed and a timeline for those tasks that will be used as a scheduling and management tool. Please identify any optional work tasks in this area and in the detailed cost breakdown.
  6. A detailed cost breakdown of the tasks to be performed with a breakout of the hours for each employee category (e.g., principal, project manager, engineer, technician, etc.) per work task identified. The consultant will indicate any assumptions made (e.g., number of meetings, number of drafts, etc.) and include this information with the cost proposal. Total dollar amounts for each work task shall be shown. Not to exceed total dollar cost for the entire project should also be included.
  7. References for similar projects.

Any optional work tasks suggested by the consultant shall be indicated as such and should include the information identified above.


Contact for Questions

Prospective responders who have any questions regarding this request for proposal should submit them in writing to John Goodman (contact information below). Questions are due by August 21, 2020. Since questions and subsequent responses may apply to all proposers, questions and responses will be sent out via e-mail to all firms responding to the RFP.


John Goodman – General manager
Skamania PUD #1

P.O. Box 500
Carson, Washington 98610

Or by email: jgoodman@skamaniapud.com


Delivery of Proposals

All proposals must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. (Pacific time) on Friday, September 18, 2020. Late proposals will not be considered. Four (4) paper copies, plus an electronic copy submitted on a flash drive of all documents should be submitted to John Goodman at the contact information provided above no later than 4:00 pm (Pacific time) on Friday, September 18, 2020. In order to be considered, all requested information shall be submitted. The SKAMANIA PUD will not be responsible for proposals delivered to a person or location other than that specified above.

All costs incurred in responding to this RFP will be borne by the responder.


Proposal Evaluation

All complete submittals received prior to the deadline will be evaluated. The evaluation team will be comprised of SKAMANIA PUD staff likely to be engaged in deciding and executing recommendations.  Submittals will be evaluated on experience, professional capabilities and ability to collaboratively work in partnership with the Skamania PUD to successfully complete the recommission. The Skamania PUD will determine which responders, if any, will be invited to interview. Interviews – if necessary – will be held the September 24, 2020. See Attachment A for an example of a Professional Services Contract with the Skamania PUD.



This request for proposal does not obligate the Skamania PUD to award a contract, pay any cost incurred in preparation of response, or complete the project. The Skamania PUD reserves the right to cancel the any parts of the RFP if it is considered to be in their best interest.


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