Skamania PUD No. 1 Request for Statement of Qualification


Skamania PUD No. 1 Request for Statement of Qualification (RSQ)
for Architectural, Engineering, and/or other Professional Services

Skamania PUD No. 1 is inviting statements of qualifications and performance information from firms interested in providing architectural, engineering, and/or other Professional Services for calendar year 2018 in conjunction with PUD sponsored projects for the electric system and two water systems.

Electric system engineering services are needed for substation and distribution system design, distribution system model development and engineering studies, project management and commissioning of substation construction, and analysis and design for interconnection of small (<5MW) generation.

For the Carson and Underwood water systems, engineering services are needed for water reservoir site acquisition, design and construction project management, water resource development, water system infrastructure condition assessment studies, water system development feasibility studies and miscellaneous water distribution and transmission equipment replacement and upgrade design and construction project management.

Other Professional Services may include the need for cost of service and rate design work, other engineering studies, pre-design and construction services, surveying, archaeological and historical services, geotechnical, hydrogeologic, environmental and soils investigations expertise, energy efficiency savings analysis, land surveying, landscape architect services, as well as other architect services.

Qualification and performance statements will be reviewed and placed on file for the 2018 calendar year; they will be used as the source from which to select one or more qualified firms from whom a detailed proposal will be requested for any specific project. Minority and women-owned firms and veteran-owned firms are encouraged to apply.

Please direct responses to Jennifer Jackson, preferably via PDF by email to Responses can also be mailed to Skamania PUD No. 1, PO Box 500, Carson WA 98610. Questions regarding the solicitation can be asked by email or telephone at (509) 427-5126.  Response of interested firms is requested no later than December 31, 2017.