RFP – Monmouth Power & Light Facilities

Request For Proposals (RFP)

A&E Permitting and Design Services of New Administration and Operation Facilities for Construction

ISSUE DATE: July 19, 2016

ISSUED BY: City of Monmouth Power & Light

CONTACT FOR RFP: Chuck Thurman, Superintendent

City of Monmouth Power & Light
401 Hogan Rd, N
Monmouth, Oregon 97361
Phone: (503) 838-3526
E-mail: cthurman@ci.monmouth.or.us

PROPOSALS DUE: August 5, 2016





Overview.. 3
Project Description. 3
Selection Schedule. 3
Request for Clarification or Protest of the Request for Proposals. 3
Addenda. 4
Cancellation. 4
Cost of Proposal 4
Changes and Signature. 4
Content of Proposals. 4
Contract 4
Submission of Proposals. 5
Withdrawal of Proposals. 5
Evaluation of Proposals, Supplemental Information, and Interviews. 5
Award of Contract 5

All Phases. 5
Land Use Permit Preparation Phase. 6
Post-Permit Phase. 6
Submittal Requirements. 7
Interview Information. 7
Evaluation Criteria. 8
Final Selection. 8
Solicitation Protests and Requests. 8
Award Protests. 8

Attachment A– Map of Proposed Project Location and Wetland Determination and Delineation report.

Attachment B– Certification Statement Form

Attachment C– Proposal Form


The City of Monmouth was founded in 1856 and has been providing quality public services f


TO: Prospective Proposers

or more than 150 years with its own power and light system. The City of Monmouth Power and Light is a Municipal Electric Utility regulated under ORS 221.420. Currently the City of Monmouth Power & Light (MPL) houses its administration and operation facilities located at 401 Hogan Road, Monmouth, OR 97361.

MPL has purchased approximately 3.75 acres of land to develop a new facility to house the utility’s Administration and Operations personnel and equipment.

Project Description
The MPL has purchased two parcels identified in Polk County records as; property located at 747 and 749 Warren Street, Monmouth, Oregon 97361; T8S R4W Sec 30, Tax Lot 603 and 700. The property is bordered on the east side by Broad Street S. and on the west side by Warren Street S. The property is approximately 832-feet in depth east to west and 207-feet in width north to south.

MPL express purpose for developing the above property is for new Administration and Operation facilities. MPL is looking for a qualified firm with Engineering and Architectural experience to take this property through land use, design and building plans for construction of the facilities. MPL intends to start constructing the facilities no later than June, 2017.

MPL has selected Zion Natural Resource Consulting, to provide environmental services for this project and the Wetland Determination and Delineation Report for the property is attached on Appendix A.

Selection Schedule
MPL will generally adhere to the following estimated schedule:

Event Date

Deadline for Written Questions or Protests of RFP Specifications July 26, 2016
Deadline for Submission of Proposals August 5, 2016
Initial Evaluation of Proposals August 8, 2016
Interviews (if requested) August 9-16, 2016
Notice of Intent to Award August 18, 2016
Begin Consulting Services August, 2016
Complete Consulting Services February, 2018

Request for Clarification or Protest of the Request for Proposals
The primary contact for MPL for this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is Chuck Thurman (“Primary Contact”). Requests for extension of the selection schedule, requests for information, and comments, questions or protests with regard to the RFP must be submitted in writing to the Primary Contact at the address on page 1. The provisions of this RFP cannot be modified by oral statements, representations, or interpretations.

All questions or protests of the RFP specifications must be raised during the appropriate period as specified in Section II.A. Proposer’s failure to timely raise a request for clarification of or a protest to the RFP specifications under this section waives Proposer’s right to later protest the award on the same ground.

If inquiries or comments by Proposers raise issues that require clarification, or if MPL decides to extend the selection schedule or revise any part of this RFP, addenda will be provided. Proposers are responsible for ensuring that they have received all addenda. MPL will not mail addenda. Proposers should check with the Primary Contact prior to the submission of a proposal to ensure that their proposals satisfy all addenda. Addenda will not be issued seven (7) days prior to the deadline for the submittal of proposals.

MPL may cancel this RFP and terminate the selection process at any time if MPL determines that doing so would be in the public interest.

Cost of Proposal
In no case will MPL reimburse Proposers for costs incurred in preparation of proposals or for any other costs associated with or arising from any response to this RFP.

Changes and Signature
Deletion or other changes must be initialed by the person who signed or signs a proposal. Proposals must be signed by a person who is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the Proposer. By signing a proposal that is submitted in response to this RFP, the signatory represents and warrants that he or she has the requisite authority.

Content of Proposals
Proposals must provide a clear description of the Proposer’s ability to perform the requested consulting services. Proposals must contain sufficient information to enable MPL to consider it in relation to other proposals and to determine which Proposer is best suited to furnish the requested consulting services.

Proposals must state whether the Proposer is capable of performing all services requested with its own personnel or if the Proposer intends to hire sub-consultants to provide the services. If a Proposer intends to hire sub-consultants, the Proposer must identify any sub-consultants that the Proposer anticipates using.

Proposals may include additional information concerning the Proposer or the requested services that are not specifically requested by this RFP if the Proposer believes that such information would be useful to MPL in evaluating its proposal.

Proposals should identify any confidential information that the Proposer contends is exempt from disclosure. Such information will only be withheld if it meets the requirements for withholding under applicable law and is marked as “confidential business information.”

The Proposer selected by MPL will be required to enter into a written contract or contracts with MPL. If Proposers have standard form(s) of contract that they wish to use for their services they must submit their standard form(s) with their Proposal, but not including price terms. The final form of contract(s) for services will be negotiated with the successful Proposer.

Submission of Proposals
Proposals must be received by the Primary Contact at MPL’s office on or before August 5, 2016

Proposals must be submitted in sealed packages or envelopes with the name and address of the Proposer and a description in substantially the following form:

ATTN: Chuck Thurman, Superintendent

By submitting a proposal, a Proposer acknowledges the following: the Proposer has read and understands this RFP; and the Proposer is familiar with the conditions that will affect the Proposer’s performance if the Proposer is selected.

Withdrawal of Proposals
Any proposal may be withdrawn by delivering a written request to the Primary Contact before the above-referenced RFP opening date and time. A request for withdrawal must be executed by a duly authorized representative of the Proposer. All RFPs not withdrawn prior to opening shall remain in effect for seventy-five (75) days.

Evaluation of Proposals, Supplemental Information, and Interviews
Proposals will be evaluated by the Primary Contact and other employees and agents of MPL (“Selection Committee”). MPL reserves the right to waive minor informalities, clerical errors, and other defects in accordance with applicable law and regulation. The Selection Committee may request supplemental information from a Proposer. The Selection Committee may interview any or all Proposers. The right to interview Proposers shall in no way be construed to be an obligation of MPL. The Selection Committee, in its sole discretion, may decide to interview no Proposers or as many Proposers as it chooses. If a Proposer fails to provide requested supplemental information or attend an interview after receiving a written request from the Selection Committee, the Selection Committee may cease further consideration of that Proposer.

The Selection Committee will consider and evaluate proposals based on the selection criteria as outlined in Section IV.

Award of Contract
A Notice of Intent to Award will be issued and will identify the Proposer who is selected by the Selection Committee.


All Phases
The selected Proposer will:

  • Be familiar with all technical aspects of the Proposed Project, be the technical lead for MPL on the Proposed Project, and understand how the Proposed Project may impact MPL;
  • Attend and participate in public meetings and meetings with local, state and federal agencies and other individuals and organizations involved with the Proposed Project;
  • Consult will, strategize with, and advocate for MPL regarding all technical aspects of the Proposed Project;
  • Review, evaluate, and advise MPL, land use, environmental and natural resources statutes, and land use obligations;
  • Prepare and submit to MPL bi-weekly a brief, written or verbal narrative summary of services performed over the past two weeks and services anticipated to be performed over the upcoming two weeks; and
  • Any other task as MPL deems appropriately related to the technical aspect of the Proposed Project.

Land Use Permit Preparation Phase
The selected Proposer will:

  • Participate in all permit/approval processes which may include analyzing, editing, and commenting on any permit/approval application to be submitted to City of Monmouth, or any other required jurisdiction;
  • Comprehensively review reports, plans, documents, assessments, analysis, and studies prepared for or related to the Proposed Project and, where appropriate, provide summaries, reports, and incorporate in to the final design and construction of the project;
  • Advise MPL regarding the sufficiency of information, reports, plans, documents, assessments, analysis, and studies prepared for or related to the Proposed Project, and assist MPL in compiling information and documents necessary for any permit/approval process of the required permitting agencies; and
  • Any other task as MPL deems appropriate for the proposed project.

Post-Permit Phase
The selected Proposer will:

  • Act as MPL’s representative during all construction activity for the New Administration and Operation Facility, which includes but is not limited to overseeing construction and inspecting and testing work; and
  • Any other task as MPL deems appropriate for the post-permit phase.


Submittal Requirements
Number and Form:
Proposers must submit one (1) signed and marked original, four (4) paper copies of its proposal, and one scanned copy on a CD or USB flash drive.

Proposal Certification Statement:
Proposers must submit a Proposal Certification Statement (Attachment B).

Insurance Certificates:
Proposers must include insurance certificates for the required insurance.

Staffing and Staff Qualifications:
Proposers must provide an organization chart showing the staff they anticipate using for the contract. Proposers should include the résumés of key individuals that they anticipate using to perform the requested services and provide a list of all anticipated sub-consultants and subcontractors.

Project Approach:
Proposers should describe in detail how they will approach the services requested and how they will ensure that MPL’s objectives will be efficiently accomplished.

Proposers should include: a preliminary schedule showing the anticipated durations of major tasks and a description of any particular procedures, concepts, or recommendations the Proposer anticipates using or recommending.

Cost Control:
Proposers must describe the budgeting and cost control methodology that they would utilize for the contract.

If Proposers have standard form(s) of contract that they wish to use for their services they must submit their standard form(s) with their Proposal, but not including price terms.

Interview Information
If considered necessary, the Selection Committee may interview one or more of the top-ranked Proposers.

Evaluation Criteria
Proposals that do not include all required information and documents or do not include all requested information, may be rejected. Responsive proposals submitted by responsible Proposers will be evaluated in accordance with the following:

Criteria Points

Firm History/Similar Experience 30
Staffing and Staff Qualifications 20
Project Approach 20
Experience with Local Conditions 15
Cost Control 15

Final Selection
If interviews are conducted, during the interview the Proposers will be given the opportunity to present their proposal and answer questions from the Selection Committee. Selection Committee members may adjust any point scoring they previously completed based on information obtained during any interview.


Solicitation Protests and Requests
Proposers may file a written protest or make a written request that MPL change an RFP specification or contract term. Any protest or request for change must be delivered in writing to the Primary Contact ten (10) or more calendar days before the due date for proposals.

Award Protests
A copy of the notice of intent to award the contract will be provided to all Proposers. An adversely affected or aggrieved Proposer may submit to the Primary Contact a written protest of the Municipal’s intent to award the contract to a Proposer within seven (7) calendar days after issuance of the notice of intent to award the contract. An issue that could have been raised as a request for clarification or protest of the RFP specifications under Section II.B may not be a ground for protest of award.

MPL may reject any proposal not in compliance with the requirements of this RFP and applicable law and/or regulation.