RFP for Energy Efficiency Services

Announcement: McMinnville Water & Light (“MW&L” or “Owner”)

Request for Proposal: Energy Efficiency Services (RFP)

The City of McMinnville, a municipal corporation of the State of Oregon, acting by and through its Water & Light Commission (known as “Owner” or “McMinnville Water & Light” or “MW&L”) is seeking proposals pursuant to ORS 279B.055-60 for goods and services relating to MW&L’s agreement with the United States of America, Department of Energy, acting by and through the Bonneville Power Administration (“BPA”), contract No. 17ES-11511 (“the BPA Agreement”).  More specifically, MW&L is seeking a contractor to perform on behalf of MW&L “Measures” under the BPA Agreement relating to the Energy Efficiency Incentive (EEI) and Conservation (as those terms are defined in the BPA Agreement).  MW&L requires information that demonstrates the technical capabilities and experience of proposers to undertake this work and to provide appropriate illustrative information, references, and information relative to the proposer’s organizational structure, qualifications of its professional staff and experience/expertise to perform the responsibilities identified in this RFP, and cost and quality of goods and services (“Measures”).

Contract Documents, specifications and other information regarding this Request for Proposals may be obtained at the office of McMinnville Water & Light (address above) or by emailing cch@mc-power.com.  Any addenda to this RFP will be distributed via email to those who request proposal packets. Any Contract interpretation will be in writing in response to a written request by a Proposer; oral interpretations are not binding. There will not be a pre-bid conference for this project.

Sealed Proposals must be received by MW&L’s Purchasing Manager (contact person for this procurement) no later than March 6, 2018 at 2:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time (“Opening Deadline”).  Submittals received after this deadline will be returned to the proposer unopened.  The submissions shall include four hard copies and a CD with a “soft” PDF copy.  There will be a public opening of the proposals, only names of proposers will be read aloud. Proposals shall be sealed and marked  Proposal Enclosed – Energy Efficiency Services” and delivered to:


Parcel Delivery/Physical address                       OR                   United States Postal Service

McMinnville Water & Light                                                      McMinnville Water & Light

855 NE Marsh Lane                                                                  P.O. Box 638

McMinnville, OR 97128                                                           McMinnville, OR 97128


This is a FORMAL procurement in accordance with the Oregon Public Contracting code. If an award is made it shall be made to the proposer whose proposal is MOST ADVANTAGEOUS to MW&L based on the evaluation process and evaluation factors described in the request for proposals, applicable preferences described in ORS 279A.120 (Preference for Oregon goods and services) and 279A.125 (Preference for recycled materials) and, when applicable, the outcome of any negotiations authorized by the request for proposals.  Prices quoted shall remain firm for a period of 90 days, and include delivery of any goods or service, F.O.B. to McMinnville Water & Light, freight paid by the Proposer (or to MW&L end-use customers, as directed by the agreement).

MW&L may cancel this procurement, reject proposals not in compliance with all the prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements and may reject for good cause any or all proposals upon a finding of MW&L that it is in the best interest of the public to do so and may waive any and all informalities.


Point of Contact

Chad Hudson

Email: cch@mc-power.com; Phone: (503) 472-0221