Environmental Consultant Services for Electric Projects

The City of Santa Clara’s Electric Utility, Silicon Valley Power (SVP), seeks to engage a
consultant to provide environmental consulting for electric utility projects.

Silicon Valley Power (SVP) operates an electric distribution utility with a service territory that overlays the Santa Clara, California city limits. The City of Santa Clara’s Electric Department, Silicon Valley Power (SVP), has undertaken a significant capital construction program for the construction and upgrading of electric transmission, substation and distribution facilities over the next five years. This work is necessary to meet customer demands for increased electric load while maintaining SVP’s high service reliability to the
utility’s customers.

The Serra Substation replacement project is one of the planned projects. The 14,400 square-foot project site is located in the northeast corner of the 55-acre property located
at 5301 Stevens Creek Boulevard in Santa Clara, California. The existing transformer and switch gear will be replaced with two new transformers and switch gear in an equipment enclosure.

The project will involve the construction of new masonry walls around the substation, new stormwater management features, and the removal and replacement of several trees as part of the landscape plan.