Welcome to the NWPPA Labor and Employee Relations Group!

The NWPPA Labor and Employee Relations Group (LERG) is a members-only group that focuses on labor relations and human resource issues. Management personnel within NWPPA’s membership of electric utility organizations are eligible to join this group. Dues are $645 per year.

NWPPA Antitrust Policy

NWPPA  is a trade association and is subject to anti-trust rules and regulations.  Legally, NWPPA is considered a facilitator of all conversations in NWPPA sponsored meetings and communications and is held liable when there are anti-trust violations. These include discussions of specific employee compensation issues such as salary, benefits, vacation, sick leave, employee or labor contract terms, or price or cost information.

For more information, download the full Antitrust policy below.

LERG Membership Benefits

Monthly Newsletter

Labor and Employee Relations Group news, event information, and links to articles on current labor relations and human resource issues.

Monthly CPI Report

Consumer Price Index data for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers; monthly updates for national data, bi-monthly for Seattle area data, and semi-annual for Portland area data.

Member Meetings

Presentations on current issues and roundtable discussions on labor relations trends, grievances, arbitrations, contract negotiation processes, and human resource issues.

Annual Meeting

Annual 2.5-day conference with speakers on state and federal labor laws, labor relation trends, human resource issues; roundtable discussions; peer networking activities.

Journeyman Lineman Report

Annual report of aggregated information on current wages/benefits for journeyman linemen within the LERG member utilities; published in July.


Online forum for sharing information, concerns, questions, or practical experience with other labor and human resource professionals.


Newsletters, information on contracts, meeting dates and locations, and other items of interest to labor relations professionals.

LERG Membership Application

Fill out our online application below or download as a PDF here and email it to nwppa@nwppa.org