Company Name: Peninsula Light Company
Phone Number: (253) 857-1504
City: Gig Harbor
State/Provence: Washington
Zip: 98332
Job Title: Warehouseman
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Operations
Posting Start Date: July 28, 2016
Salary: 20.71
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: Hours

Under the direction of the Warehouse Supervisor/Purchasing Agent, this position performs work in carrying out the day-to-day activities of the warehouse and stores functions of receiving, inventory control, dispensing tools, materials and supplies, and related activities in the warehouse and yard.  This is responsible work in a series of progressions intended to provide orientation, training and experience in steps as described below.  The classification progression does not require a bid, but is contingent on satisfactory job performance evaluation and successful completion of skill and on-the-job training requirements within the time frames defined. Salary Range: 20.71 – 29.63


First Six (6) Months:
1. Receives orientation and training in the use of forklift, hand trucks and warehouse loading or lifting equipment, take-up reels and pullet jacks.

2. Receives orientation and training on salvage returns and scrap cleaning and disposal procedures.

3. Receives training and works with return of over-issue items.

4. Performs work in handling materials and supplies in the warehouse and yard, receiving and unloading freight. Processes freight slips.

5. Cleans and maintains warehouse and yard areas.

6. Validates CPR and first aid cards and Company practices.

7. Receives defensive driver orientation and training and review of Company policy.

8. Obtains a flagging certification card and performs flagging as required.

Other Requirements and Duties to Perform During the Next 24 Months of Work and On-The-Job Training:

1. Delivers materials and supplies to field as assigned.

2. Receives training and experience in recordkeeping practices and procedures PLC inventory control and other related Company recordkeeping procedures.

3. Receives materials issue and inventory training and work experience. Receives training and work in issuing tools and supplies.

4. Receives orientation and training on material and equipment testing procedures and tool repairing.

5. Receives orientation and training on computer terminal utilization as necessary PLC recordkeeping, inventory control, stock flow and warehouse activity reports.

6. Performs routine maintenance and inspections as scheduled or requested PLC Company vehicles and equipment such as compressors, pullers and trailers.

7. Assists in stocking shelves, bins and yard storage items and in maintaining gas and oil records.

8. May be assigned to provide field support help.

9. Receives training on hazardous material handling and recordkeeping procedures.

10. Receives training and assists in maintaining records of vendors, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers, order information, catalog numbers, product descriptions, cost and other related data.

11. Drives Company vehicles in transport PLC repairs or servicing as required when qualified.

12. Receives orientation and training on applicable Washington Industrial Safety and Health Administration (WISHA) regulations.

13. Repairs tools, vehicle parts and equipment as required.

14. Assists with warehouse work in yard.

15. Receives training and experience in taking oil samples to test.

16. Pumps bad transformers as assigned.

17. Performs day-to-day activities for the warehouse, including receiving and issuing freight, materials, supplies and tools, stocking shelves and making deliveries.

18. Assists in inventory control, salvage and return processing. Performs batching using records and reports to maintain established inventory and stock levels and monitors lead-time purchasing requirements for high-value items.

19. Assists in the coordination of material lists with the engineering department as assigned.

20. Assists in communication with other departments to ensure accurate purchase orders, proper billing, adequate levels of inventory and inventory projections as assigned.

21. Performs recordkeeping of rubber gloves and blankets.

22. Assists in reviewing “P” list of projected construction to ensure adequate levels of materials as assigned.

23. Assists in the evaluation of freight rates, promptness of delivery, accuracy of orders and condition of received goods.

24. Performs facilities maintenance and repairs as assigned.

25. Performs other related duties as assigned.




• Thorough knowledge of Company warehouse practices and procedures.

• Ability to be trained to understand and complete computer produced reports.

• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing (including legible records) and to maintain interpersonal skills including tact, patience and courtesy.

• Ability to read maps, plans, work sketches and specification sheets and to carry-out oral and written directions.

• Knowledge of methods, tools, equipment, materials, supplies and processes used in warehousing.

• Ability to obtain Washington state commercial driver’s license (CDL) endorsement and to obtain a flagger certification.

• Knowledge of fundamentals of mathematics, bookkeeping and electricity.

• Ability to operate a computer terminal or personal computer and calculator.

• Ability to lift objects weighing up to 75 pounds.


This is a non-supervisory position.


Experience Required:


High school diploma or G.E.D. supplemented by course work in fundamentals of electricity, mathematics, basic recordkeeping and vehicle and tool mechanics. Position requires a valid Washington state Class-A commercial driver’s license. Individual must possess CPR certification and a first aid card. Must be willing to be available and responsive to emergency call-outs.

How to Apply:

Visit www.penlight.org/jobs

Click on Job Opportunities

Select Warehouseman

Create an account

Fill out and submit application with uploaded resume and cover letter

Questions: britni@penlight.org

Posting End Date: August 27, 2016