Systems Analyst

Company Name: Idaho Falls Power
Phone Number: (208) 612-8444
City: Idaho Falls
State/Provence: Idaho
Zip: 83405-0220
Job Title: Systems Analyst
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Information Technology / IS and Application Support
Posting Start Date: April 21, 2016
Salary: 24.53
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time Type: Hours

Performs a variety of professional and technical duties related to administration, development, implementation, integration, mapping, and database management necessary to develop, implement, maintain, and operate the Idaho Falls Power software systems including GIS, AMI, OMS, EAMS, MDM, CIS, SCADA.




Maintains and improves the efficiency of company GIS users through optimizing processes, ensuring GIS data availability, and direct interaction and training.  Assists GIS users with efficient use of their mapping, material and workflow applications; coordinates, documents and conducts training; reviews, orders, tests and installs software products and updates; documents department processes and procedures.

Receives and reviews various geographic documentation from departments; assembles data from GPS, local surveys, utilities, state and federal agencies and other entities for conversion into GIS layers, mapping and analysis; quality checks data as to content accuracy and format; participates in the development and maintenance of GIS geo-databases, posting changes, verifying and reconciling various Geodatabase versions, etc.; gathers and updates spatial data; enters and creates GIS layers from multiple data sources including city data and general plans; generates digitized maps through a geographic information system (GIS) using ArcINFO, ArcGIS or related ESRI computer program application(s).

Participates in the maintenance of various data/GIS layers within the GIS system; ensures accuracy of the system by verifying changes; utilizes ArcGIS to effectively update the system; ensures linked elements of the database retain proper integrity and accuracy.

Using GIS, provide analysis and/or assist in maintaining the outage management system software and fiber management software; provides technical support and training to division staff related to OMS; performs ongoing and daily problem-solving; researches command chains within the GIS system; makes changes in command sequences as needed to remedy problems and maintain the system.

Engages in various project processes involving metadata, spatial analysis, GPS information gathering, data conversions, Geoprocessing, Geocoding, and various aspects of programming requiring use of VB, VBA, AML, Managing ArcIMS, Managing ArcServer, etc.

Attend city wide GIS coordination meetings for developing shared GIS databases and policies.  Work closely with the City GIS Coordinator; assist other Division personnel in use of GIS and related software. Coordinates the receipt of data from division engineering staff to ensure timely completion of projects

Prepares, revises, and provides, as necessary, a variety of maps and digital data required by city staff and the public; utilizes ArcGIS, AutoCad and related GIS software along with digitizing table, plotter and GPS equipment to create various computerized maps; conducts field exercises utilizing GPS equipment to pinpoint coordinates and measurements for various geographic criteria, i.e., parcels, roads, structures, vegetation, etc.; may perform general field survey duties as needed.

Documents and tracks complex user requests for GIS application issues and updates.  Communicates application issues and enhancements to appropriate staff.

Stays current with all aspects of GIS and mapping information technology and software.  Acts as liaison with GIS and surveying vendors to establish cost effective purchases, demonstrations, workshops and product reviews for users. Tests application software and updates to evaluate ease of use and whether product will aid in performing work; writes software and hardware evaluations and recommendations for management review.

Provides technical support to users (inquiring how to use specific functions, such as statistical, graphical, database, etc.

Other IT System (OMS, EAMS, MDM) and other IFP software systems

This position is assists with day to day operation of the OMS (Outage Management System); the Advanced Meter Infrastructure systems including EAMS (Energy Access Management System) and the MDM (Meter Data Management System)

Provide analysis and/or assist in maintaining the different IT Systems (OMS, EAMS, MDM); performs ongoing and daily problem-solving; makes changes in processes as needed to remedy problems; maintain the systems for day to day functionality; completes or oversees integration as necessary.

Works in conjunction with the vendors of these IT Systems, and other department personnel, to maintain system functionality; schedule any maintenance; test any system patches from each vendor; and upgrade maintenance and implementation of these various systems. This includes using various forms of communication to effectively communicate with vendors, manufactures, project team, and system users.

This position will act as a liaison with the Municipal Services Department to ensure that integration between the GIS system and the Customer Information System is updated and maintained property.

Works with users to optimize and efficiently use software applications as they pertain to the different systems (OMS, EAMS, MDM).

Writes and/or revises training manuals and procedures to train user on the different capabilities each system contains.

Takes a lead and/or participates in all current and future integrations that occur within these IT Systems

Takes a lead and/or participates in developing, validating, and executing all levels of testing in these IT Systems.

This position requires the ability to use MS Access, MS Excel, and ArcGIS to develop, maintain, implement, and query various spreadsheets and databases to be used by various staff.

Provides back up to Energy Services Representatives; may respond to public phone calls and dispatch crews to problem locations for maintenance and emergency response.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Experience Required:
  1. Education and Experience:  Graduation from college with a bachelor’s degree in GIS, geography, cartography, computer science or related field; AND Two (2) years of experience performing above or related duties; OR An equivalent combination of education and experience.
  1. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Working knowledge of ESRI related programs, technical tools and equipment; outage management system, advanced meter infrastructure communication and computer systems and other computer systems; complex math and computer aided engineering; technical tools and equipment associated with drafting and cartography; mapping scales and their most appropriate use; legal documents and terminology; computerized mapping software and methods (AUTOCAD, ARCView, ARCINFO, Windows, etc.); Urban Geographic Information systems (G.I.S.) development, implementation, and operation; various geographic databases, including State of Idaho, USGS digital line graphics, surveying practices including GPS point retrieval, State Plane Coordinate Systems,  GLO map interpretation and Area Reference Plan (ARP) interpretation; quality assurance and control methods; local geography; legal documents and terminology; functions of the office of County Recorder; understand inter-relationships of various federal, state and local agencies which impact upon mapping activities. Must possess a firm knowledge and understanding of each IT System and its functions; ability to understand any current/future integration that exists/will exist within these systems

Considerable Skill in the use of various software applications including, ESRI applications, Arcview GIS, ArcInfo, ArcTools, Building Geodatabases; and operation of GPS equipment. Must be familiar with Windows desktop and Windows server operating systems; must have knowledge of system networking and network security; strong understanding of the different services that are utilized by each vendor to determine software is performing efficiently; ability to create and conduct processes that ensure data is properly and adequately updated to deliver users up to date information; maintain security patches to each system and work very hard to maintain system uptime,etc.

Ability to read, interpret and produce maps and charts with G.I.S. software; perform various geographic analyses identify how GIS will provide solutions; perform complex computer mapping and mapping evaluation; write SQL statements, and develop complex queries and data sets. Troubleshoot and correct any IT processes that could affect the performance of the different systems train users on the different functions of each system to ensure systems are being properly utilized; ability to adapt these IT Systems to any current and future needs that the utility will have.   Read and understand legal documents; perform complex mathematical computations; read and understand computer printouts; recognize and solve problems related to hardware and software applications; communicate technical information effectively, verbally and in writing; utilize a high level of decision-making skills with sound judgment to analyze facts and circumstances; demonstrate ability to problem-solve in a proactive and results oriented manner ; operate calculators and standard office equipment; work independently; lift 50 lbs; operate a motorized vehicle; develop effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, and the public;  communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; ability to develop working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, other City divisions, and public; ability to work in a position which requires continuous sitting or standing and concentrated mental applications; ability to understand mathematical/engineering calculations; ability to write and read legal descriptions.

  1. Special Qualifications:  Must be GIS certified.  Must possess a valid Idaho State Driver’s License.
How to Apply:

Please apply online at under WORK > Employment > Current Jobs.  Also attach an electronic copy of your resume.

Posting End Date: May 5, 2016