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Head of Finance and Administration

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  • Eugene, Ore.
  • Commensurate with experience
  • Posting End Date: February 23, 2023

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Wage or Salary:
Commensurate with experience

Robert Half Executive Search has been retained by Lane Electric to help them identify a Head of Finance and Administration.

Position Information:

This position works closely with the General Manager to implement the strategic direction of the Cooperative through management of the daily finance and administrative duties. This includes direct participation in the accounting, investing, financing, various reporting functions, personnel, and benefit administration. It also includes oversight responsibilities in payroll, credit and sales, purchasing and payment.

This position is responsible for assuring prudent management of financial resources and planning for the future, sound cooperative accounting practices, efficient provision of member accounting and credit services, prudent management of, and planning for, data management resources. It is also responsible for providing management and oversite to central personnel services, administrative services, and facility management.

Key Responsibilities:

This position has responsibilities that touch many different business acumens. Below are the areas of responsibility and description of the types of work that is included. This is not an exhaustive list of duties but a general understanding of scope of responsibility.

Financial & Accounting

The focus of this position are the finance and accounting responsibilities and requires strong analytical, presentation, reasoning, and leadership skills, with a far-reaching knowledge of utility accounting. Below is an outline of the types of work the position is directly responsible for:

• Financial Management and Planning

·       Oversite, in collaboration with the Controller, of the preparation of the annual capital and operating budgets.

·       Prepare short- and long-range financial plans and recommend changes based on the analysis for the General Manager and Board of Directors.

·       Recommend changes and oversee management of financial policies.

·       Oversee financial wellbeing including management of long-term debt, investments, RUS uniform accounting procedures, monthly financial reports, internal control procedures, external and internal reporting, and cash management.

·       Develops and revises 10-year financial forecasts.

·       Coordinate information for and works with consultants for the preparation of Costof-Service studies.

·       Assists with the preparation of power requirement studies as required.

·       Reviews and proposes changes in electric retail rates as needed.

·       Works with the General Manager to analyze strategies, business plans, and financial reports relating to the Cooperative’s strategic plans.

• Accounting

·       Stays current with knowledge of utility and accounting profession requirements and developments.

·       Establishes and monitors protocol for accounting practices, procedures, and record keeping.

·       Manage, in collaboration with the Controller, the daily accounting operating practices and procedures.

·       Manage, with the Controller, all functions related to the annual CPA audit including researching and recommending CPA firms to perform the annual independent audit and reviewing the audit results.

·       Acts as the backup to the Controller in their absence.

• Departmental Management

·       Manage all aspects of direct reports to ensure that they understand their assignments and are an asset to the Cooperative as a whole.

·       Ensure that job descriptions and specifications for departmental employees are kept current.

·       Continuously coaches and evaluates the performance of department personnel seeking to maximize both performance and employee job satisfaction.

·       Acts as a servant-leader and considers direct reports a stewardship for which you are responsible resulting in the mutual trust of your direct reports in you and you in them.

·       Recommends departmental hiring and, if necessary, formal discipline up to and including termination as warranted.

·       Perform appropriate performance evaluations and compensation review.

• Member Service and Credit

·       Review and recommend changes in regard to all accounting and credit issues affecting member services.

·       Consult on and review in all areas related to billing, recordkeeping and financial practices associated with members.

·       Act as hearings officer for members desiring a hearing on a disputed bill.

• Data Management

·       Calculate annual patronage allocation.

·       Review and assist, with the Data Management Supervisor, with the development of new or improved end-user computer applications.

·       Coordinate, with the Data Management Supervisor, long-range planning for all data management needs of the Cooperative.

• Risk Management

·       Responsible for determining that adequate insurance coverage is maintained to mitigate risk for the Cooperative.

Personnel & Administrative Services

This position requires the ability to oversee the administrative and human resource areas of the Cooperative with the assistance of outside contractors and other internal personnel. Although it is not necessary to be the subject matter expert, it will be necessary that you know how to utilize subject matter experts to meet the strategic goals of the Cooperative. Below is an outline of the types of responsibilities you will be directing and overseeing either personally or with the help of contractors and other Cooperative personnel.

• Human Resource Services

·       Serve as the human resource representative for the Cooperative maintaining personnel records, job descriptions, recruiting, performance reviews, and oversite of investigations.

·       Develop and maintain personnel policies.

·       Administer compensation and benefits plans to include analysis of compensation, selection of benefit plans, employee communication and enrollment.

·       Assists management team with hiring responsibilities including obtaining background checks and providing new employee orientation.

·       Serves as management representative on Employee Insurance Committee.

·       Maintain up-to-date knowledge of applicable federal and state legal obligations.

·       Maintain policy manuals for all employees.

• Privacy Officer/Contact Person

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires an employer that sponsors a health plan to appoint a Privacy Officer who will be responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures, and act as the contact person responsible for receiving complaints of violations of privacy rules or of the health plan’s policies and procedures. Other responsibilities include:

·       Inventory the uses and disclosures of protected health information, both within and outside the group health plan maintained by Lane Electric Cooperative.

·       Ensure that legal documentation requirements are met including plan amendments, summary plan descriptions, renegotiating business associate agreements, drafting privacy notices, consents and authorizations.

·       Assist in developing policies and procedures to protect individual rights of Cooperative employees, including requests to inspect, copy, amend and request restrictions to protected health information. Disclosures of protected health information must also be tracked and accounted for.

·       Assist in developing Lane Electric’s compliance procedures, sanctions, and procedures to mitigate the effects of unintentional disclosure. o Monitor developments in privacy laws and conduct periodic audits to ensure the Cooperative’s ongoing compliance with the law.

·       Coordinate HIPAA compliance with other federal laws that may also affect Lane Electric, such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and other applicable regulatory guidelines from the Department of Transportation, etc.

·       Assist in developing firewalls both physical and technical, to ensure Cooperative employees who have access to health information in connection with functions not subject to HIPAA, such as workers’ compensation, do not interact with or have access to protected health information created in connection with the employer sponsored health plan.

• Administrative Services

·       Primarily responsible for working with the General Manager and other department heads in developing and revising Board policies for the Board’s approval.

·       Oversee all administrative needs of the Cooperative

• Facilities and Equipment

·       Responsible for contracting services for the housekeeping and maintenance of the office buildings and grounds.

·       Purchases and maintains office equipment as approved in budget.

·       Miscellaneous o Management representative for office personnel on Cooperative’s Safety Committee.

·       Performs other assignments from time to time as directed by the General Manager.

• Management and Leadership

·       Supports and models behavior to promote Lane Electric Cooperative’s core values of:

▪ Honesty, integrity, and professionalism,

▪ Teamwork, creativity, and collaboration,

▪ Responsibility, pride of workmanship, and a focus on safety,

▪ Compassion and a respect for others.

·       Demonstrate strong leadership skills that create a culture that promotes high performance in your team as well as others. This should be demonstrated in your role by the way you conduct yourself as an employee, manager, co-worker and leader within Lane Electric.

·       Ability to communicate effectively and clearly to a wide range of audiences with the outcome of clear understanding with the use of respect and compassion toward those you are influencing.

·       Demonstrate sound judgement as you lead yourself and your team and set an example for the organization as a whole. Ideally you should be seen as someone who can be trusted to have wise counsel, clear thought, and a resource for solving problems.

• Relationships This position will interact with a wide range of individuals both inside the Cooperative and outside. The internal relationships are listed in the beginning of the description. Some of the most prominent relationships with outside entities are listed below.

·       Auditor

·       Local governmental agencies

·       National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

·       Insurance agents and salesmen

·       Banks, lenders, and investment companies

·       Other utilities and affiliated organizations

·       Employee agencies, schools, etc.

Additional Information:

The successful candidate will have:

Education and Certification/License Credentials

•         Bachelor’s degree with major in accounting/finance

•         Certified Public Accountant preferred

Functional Competencies

•         Working knowledge of electric utility accounting required. Additional training in utility billing, system applications, cost accounting, and risk management is also highly desirable.

•         Seven (7) years in a supervisory capacity; demonstrated leadership; good verbal and written communication skills; proven analytical, spreadsheet, and word processing skills.

•         Must have experience in general accounting procedures and policies, budgeting, financial forecasting, purchasing, data processing, liability and property insurance, accounting systems, and finance and investments.

•         Must have an understanding of RUS Accounting, utility billing, utility rate design, consumer credit and employee relations.

•         Work Environment: The work normally takes place in an office but will include the need to present at outside facilities from time to time. This will include the ability to handle moderate lifting in order to transport and set up materials and equipment for presentations. It could require travel over uneven terrain.

•         This is a demanding position that requires the ability to handle work pressure, disturbances of workflow, and/or irregularities in work schedules.

Leadership, Management and Personal Characteristics

•         Work collaboratively with colleagues and foster the spirit of cooperation in the workplace by utilizing the Code of Conduct as a guideline.

•         Conduct yourself in a manner that reflects favorably on Lane Electric and fosters a harmonious and helpful relationship between staff, our members, vendors, and the general public.

•         Approach all situations with the attributes of honesty, integrity, respect, and professionalism.

•         Maintain and promote a positive work environment by creating an environment of creativity, collaboration, safety, and pride in your work.

•         Maintain a helpful attitude in which you see yourself as a part of the whole team ready to add your strengths to any area you might be needed.

•         Always look for ways in which you can help Lane Electric employees and members.

•         Speak and write clearly with the desired effect of positive outcomes in any situation.

•         Look for ways to improve and promote quality, and demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness.

•         Treat all people with respect in actions and speech, supporting affirmative action and respecting diversity.

•         Exhibit sound and accurate judgement, including an understanding of who should be involved in decision making.

•         Ability to prioritize and plan work activities using time effectively.

•         Maintains a neat, organized work area that allows for easy access to information when absent.

•         View Lane Electric as a unit of interdependent functions and assist when needed for the good of the whole.

•         Respectfully take direction and feedback from supervisors, and/or co-workers.


Compensation includes a competitive salary and excellent benefits.

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