Meter Relay Technician/Apprentice

Company Name: Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Phone Number: (541) 312-7760
City: Redmond
State/Provence: Oregon
Zip: 97756
Job Title: Meter Relay Technician/Apprentice
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Metermen
Posting Start Date: July 19, 2017
Salary: DOE
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time: 8
Work Time Type: Hours

Requirements: Responsible for the installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of all electronic components used in power delivery, monitoring, and control. Responsible for meter testing and wiring. Provides support to other Operations and Engineering personnel as necessary.



  • Pleasant and professional appearance and manner.
  • Basic computer operational knowledge including Windows and MS Office. Ability to learn and work with specialized programs required for programming, testing, and querying event reports of electronic equipment.
  • Install, program, test, troubleshoot, calibrate, operate, and maintain advanced electronic equipment including protective relays, recloser controls, voltage regulator controls, capacitor controls, meters, battery chargers, and other electronic substation devices.
  • Install and test instrumentation and control circuits for AC and DC power, instrumentation, and communications including fiber optic cables and related equipment. Terminate copper, communications, and fiber optic cables and make connections to equipment in accordance to drawings and schematics.
  • Perform Substation Power Transformer tests as required, including oil tests and power factor tests.
  • Perform diagnostic and repair work on line equipment including transformers, regulators, and electronic and oil reclosers.
  • Assist in implementing design modifications and additions to existing electronic equipment and systems.
  • Install conduit and cable management systems for all types of cabling, above and below ground and inside control buildings and equipment cabinets. Fabricate and install brackets, hangers, and panels for equipment and systems as needed.
  • Program automation and protection equipment with the operational and communications settings provided by the engineer. Test all operational functions to verify that equipment meets engineering design requirements. Test all communications functions end to end from the master through the network to the end device to verify monitoring functions.
  • Use a variety of tools and test equipment in commissioning and maintenance, including voltmeter, ammeter, turns ratio tester, variac, current injection equipment, and manufacturer’s custom equipment for testing fault interrupting functions.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve complex electrical problems related to SCADA systems, automated metering, distribution automation, and protection and control circuits.
  • Inspect equipment to identify defects and other failures.
  • Interpret and revise (as necessary) interconnection drawings and diagrams for new equipment additions and modifications.
  • Maintain assigned tools, test equipment, materials, and vehicle in safe operating condition.
  • Read and interpret system maps, drawings, and technical data to become knowledgeable in the location and layout of electric substation and distribution system facilities and the equipment, capacities, circuit feeds, and interconnection of such equipment.
  • Work with equipment vendors as needed for material procurement, technical assistance, and support.
  • Support Operations personnel as necessary for troubleshooting and locating outage problems. Be available in a rotation with other Meter Relay staff for after hours on call support.
  • Test, calibrate, and install single and three phase meters.
  • Wire and install current transformers (CTs) and appropriate meter for larger secondary services.
  • Wire and install current transformers (CTs) and potential transformers (PTs) and appropriate meter for primary metered services.
  • Install and maintain power quality monitoring equipment as necessary.
  • Troubleshoot radio interference complaints as necessary.
  • Inspect all net-metering installations for code and policy compliance. Install appropriate meter.
  • Travel and training as required.
Experience Required:



  • Associates Degree in electronics technology or equivalent
  • Five years related experience with an electric utility or similar business
  • Troubleshooting experience in electronics, instrumentation, and controls
  • Utility metering experience


  • Associates Degree in electronics technology or equivalent (journeyman level training in related field)
  • Related experience with an electric utility or similar business
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills: Must have the ability to professionally communicate with internal and external customers
  • Close attention to detail
  • Ability to work across departments and maintain strong working relationships


  • Knowledge of single phase and three phase power systems and understanding of power flow and control.
  • Knowledge of electronic wiring, grounding, and AC and DC control circuits.
  • Knowledge of the National Electric Safety Code as it pertains to working in an energized substation.
  • Knowledge of OSHA electrical safety standards and lockout/tagout procedures.
  • Basic understanding of digital logic and Boolean algebra.
  • Proficient in use of computers using MS operating systems and Office software.
  • Ability to use technical software to program and test electronic relays, controls, and meters.
  • Ability to read, understand, and draw electrical schematics.
  • Ability to generate reports and interpret and explain data.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and in a team environment on complex electronic systems.
  • Ability to work overtime hours as needed.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Oregon Driver’s License.
How to Apply:

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Posting End Date: August 11, 2017