Managing Director of Power Production

Company Name: Grant County PUD
Phone Number: (509) 793-1569
City: Ephrata
State/Provence: Washington
Zip: 98823
Job Title: Managing Director of Power Production
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Management
Posting Start Date: December 13, 2016
Salary: $60.50 – $84.70
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: Hours

Salary $60.50 – $84.70/Hourly (DOE)

Position headquartered at Hydro Office Building near Vantage, WA


 The Managing Director of Power Production is accountable for planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling Grant PUD’s generation assets.  This position provides management and support to ensure the maximum utilization of human, material, and financial resources, and provides for the development, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the generation facilities.

The Managing Director of Production will interface with all areas of the District utilizing the expertise and knowledge of staff members and outside consultants.  This position supervises the Plant Manager of Priest Rapids Dam, the Plant Manager of Wanapum Dam, the Plant Manager of the Maintenance Center, the Senior Manager of Environmental Affairs, the Senior Manager of Power Production Engineering, and an Administrative Assistant.  The Managing Director of Power Production reports to the Chief Operating Officer along with Manager Director of Power Delivery, the Senior Manager of AMO/PMO, and the Senior Manager of District Safety & Industrial Training.


This position requires the application of engineering theory and management practices in carrying out its major responsibilities.  The Managing Director of Power Production must be able to oversee the operations of power generation facilities and manage the development and construction of generation and adjacent transmission facilities.  This position must also be able to balance all of the operating and financial considerations when making critical decisions regarding individual plants and the portfolio of plants.  The Managing Director performs and assumes other duties and responsibilities as may be required by the Chief Operating Officer.

This position requires an individual who is organized and highly capable of multi-tasking in order to direct the Power Production Department staff to stay abreast of deadlines and commitments relating to financial targets, the strategic operation of the plans, plant maintenance and operations, environmental and regulatory compliance, project development, current generating equipment technology and costs, contract compliance, and risk management. 

Experience Required:


  • Is accountable for ensuring safe, secure, and compliant power generation and delivery under the Priest Rapids Project Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) License Project No. 2114 (License), the PEC and Quincy Chute under the FERC License Nos. 2840 and 2937
  • Supports the GCPUD/Wanapum Relationship
  • Is accountable for managing the strategic financial and operating performance of the portfolio of generation plants owned by Grant PUD
  • Creates key performance indicators for the major financial and operations performance metrics for the portfolio of generation plants
  • Analyzes and benchmarks the performance and best practices of comparable hydro-electric power plants to ensure that Grant’s generating facilities are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Develops and monitors the safety program responsibilities within the Power Production Operational Unit.  Ensures managers, supervisors, and staff understand and implement their roles and responsibilities with regard to safety.  The Managing Director is expected to be fully engaged in promoting safe work practices, the Safety and Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), in alignment with the Grant PUD’s safety culture where employees think, behave and act in ways which demonstrate that safety is the utility’s principal value
  • Provides resources to implement protection and safety measures for the Project Lands including Reservoir Patrol
  • Ensures the Cultural Resources Department is operated and managed to preserve, protect, and perpetuate Wanapum cultures and meet Section 106 compliance.  Ensures adequate resources to maintain operation of the Heritage Center and other cultural programs
  • Ensures the Natural Resource Department is operated and managed to meet the District’s obligations for fish, wildlife, recreation, and lands
  • Works with Power Production Engineering to create, review, edit, and recommend the annual operating and capital budgets for the District’s generating facilities
  • Works with Power Production Engineering, Plant Staffs, Maintenance Center Staff, and the AMO/PMO staffs to provide oversight of the operations and maintenance, project development, and construction of generating resources to meet  Power Contracts and District’s demands
  • Responsible for the oversight of Power Production records and drawings management programs.
  • Is accountable for developing and prioritizing multi-year operating, maintenance and capital budgets consistent with Power Production Operating Unit goals and objectives.  Annual budgets are approximately $70M including a $20M labor budget
  • Ensures utility/project contracts are managed to achieve cost-effective work products, comply with legal requirements, and maintain consistency with Grant PUD policies and procedures
  • Reviews and edits contracts for the construction and operations of the District’s power generation facilities
  • Responsible for the oversight of the risk management program for the District’s power generation facilities and production
  • Responsible for review and evaluation of all generation projects and responsible for maintaining a knowledge base of alternative forms of generation (e.g., renewables)
  • Works with Human Resources to provide a full range of supervisory activities including but not limited to the selection, training, development, and evaluation of section personnel, planning and the completion of special projects as delegated
  • Appropriately manages and maintains employee development plans, performance evaluations, including responsibility for overall management of the Power Production Unit’s employees and ensures personnel are knowledgeable of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding personnel issues and sensitive operational information.
  • Creates a work environment that provides for fair and equitable treatment of employees, respect among peers and supervisors, effective communication and collaboration, and fosters a positive work atmosphere
  • Participate in Labor Strategy and Labor Management discussions and committee meeting monthly to discuss labor strategy issues, carrying these items through the Labor Management meetings ensuring implementation, and serve on the District’s local Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiating committees
  • Actively collaborates with senior managers and peers across organizational lines to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Grant PUD to meet its strategic goals
  • Provide policy direction for Power Production Operating Unit staff participation in national and regional forums where issues of direct impact to the District are debated, and provide support and direction to influence and change policies and regulations when in the best interest of the District
  • Ensure that utility relationships with regulatory agencies and governments remain healthy and productive.  Ensure representation of Grant PUD at Power Purchasers, Small Hydro Authority Board, Community Meetings, and other organizations as directed to further the District’s goals and interests
  • Participates in management forums where issues of direct impact to Grant PUD are discussed and debated.  The incumbent is expected to provide support, direction, and influence to establish policies and regulations consistent with the Grant PUD’s interests
  • The Managing Director of Power Production shall be required to perform any other duties assigned in order to fulfill the objectives of District


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration, or equivalent or equivalent generation operations and maintenance experience (e.g.: operator apprenticeship program with progressive operating and management experience)
  • Masters Degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration, or equivalent is desirable   


  • A minimum of twenty years of progressively responsible experience in the management of multiple power generation facilities is essential
  • A minimum of ten years of experience in the development, design, and construction of hydro, gas, coal, and/or nuclear power plants is desired
  • Experience must demonstrate progressive levels of supervisory/managerial responsibility in the areas of financial management, planning, scheduling, economic dispatch, contract review, risk management, environmental compliance, power plant design, development, construction, operations and maintenance, contracting, safety/training, and budgeting
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and manage a multi-million dollar budget that includes large capital projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage an operational unit and or department with diverse responsibilities, 200+ employees (both union and non-union), and multiple supervisors and/or functional managers


  • A comprehensive working knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to meeting Grant PUD’s mission
  • A strong knowledge of employment law, Grant PUD’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement and Personnel Policies, budget preparation, District policies and procedures, and Grant PUD’s strategic plan
  • A thorough understanding of the relationship between hydropower plant operations, power grid reliability, the wholesale power business, Mid-Columbia Hourly Coordination, Grant PUD’s natural resource obligations, and the impact on each other
  • A thorough knowledge of the District’s financial planning procedures and practices, financial forecast, accounting and FERC reporting formats, change management, and project management
  • Written and oral communications abilities are essential including: presentations, group discussions, and individual conversations with a broad range of audiences; such as elected commissioners, the general public, regulatory agencies, senior management, and subordinates
  • Ability to work under pressure, collaborate effectively, and lead discussions on a cooperative basis without compromising Grant PUD’s interests; ability to effectively work with and discuss issues with people on an adversarial basis within the boundaries of an effective working relationship
  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems, make sound decisions and implement effective delegation
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, schedule, coordinate, budget, administrate and delegate to get programs moving and accomplish same while working in a coordinated manner with all other departments
  • Demonstrated ability in leadership, adaptability, flexibility, evaluation of employee performance and behavior, and conflict resolution
  • Demonstrated abilitity and aptitude for coordinating all facets of a large divisional operation to include managing engineers, professionals, supervisors, technicians, craftsmen, and clerks while adept at interfacing with external agencies and organizations
  • Driver’s license valid in Washington State is required.


The Managing Director:

  • Must have a proven track record of creating a professional working environment
  • Must drive to and visit actual work sites to include: exposure to heat and cold, exposure to heavy equipment and maintenance work areas of generation facilities, climbing stairs, working in hazardous work zones, exposure to vibration and noise
  • Must have ability to easily read and comprehend reports, spreadsheets, hear well in meetings and on radio or telephone communications
  • Must have good visual perceptions and be fully computer-literate and computer oriented.

Position Open Until Filled

Excellent compensation and benefits package.

Equal Opportunity Employer.

References and Background Checks are done as part of our employment process.

Posting End Date: February 11, 2017