Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Company Name: Chugach Electric Association, Inc.
Phone Number: (907) 762-4789
City: Anchorage
State/Provence: Alaska
Zip: 99518
Job Title: Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Finance and Accounting
Posting Start Date: June 1, 2016
Salary: DOE
Salary Per: Per Year
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: Hours


Ensures recovery of costs associated with the provision of electric and related services.  Determines prices for electric and related services based on sound economics and regulatory policy.  Manages the calculation of the costs and revenues associated with providing electric and related services to retail and wholesale market segments.  Prepares economic and financial analysis on complex energy-related matters, in support of Association and regulatory directives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Directs and prepares revenue requirement, cost of service, rate design and related studies to assist the Association in obtaining sufficient revenues to meet operational needs consistent with generally accepted utility practices.
  2. Prepares and presents testimony on revenue requirement, cost of service, rate design, tariff and contract related analyses to appropriate regulatory agencies.
  3. Prepares and directs submittal of routine and non-routine filings, including telecommunications filings, gas transfer prices, fuel and purchased power filings, fees and charges tariff updates, and special rates, services, and contracts with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA).
  4. Prepares tariff advice letters for revisions to the rates, terms and conditions of service contained in the Association’s operating tariff based on the goals and operating circumstances of the various divisions. Ensures operating tariff is consistent with Alaska Statutes, regulations and operating conditions.
  5. Conducts rate studies to ensure that rate structures are consistent with cost incurrence, management and regulatory directives, and market conditions.  Reviews ongoing activity by other divisions and departments and coordinates inclusion of those results into rate filings. Determines appropriate risk premiums associated with alternative pricing structures.
  6. Administers tariff‑related items for PURPA Qualifying Facilities, including buyback rates, standardized interconnection guidelines and integration standards.
  7. Directs the development of financial, energy sales, load research and related databases and models to ensure timely and efficient rate and other analyses in support of filings with the RCA and various Chugach departments.
  8. Prepares rate, revenue requirement and revenue forecasts for Chugach budget and planning purposes.  Analyzes revenues from actual, proposed and projected rates.  Ensures the provision of rate impact analysis for strategic planning activities.
  9. Oversees monthly fuel and purchased power cost allocations and quarterly fuel surcharge process to ensure cost recovery.
  10. Coordinates investigation and implementation of load management programs.
  11. Administers and maintains wholesale billing process.
  12. Develops and maintains automated system associated with the development of customer load profiles (load research and billing load information) for use by Chugach.
  13. Proposes normalized levels of recoverable expense and plant based on data/information gathered from other departments.
  14. Directs the development of long and short-range goals for rates, tariffs and regulatory actions.
  15. Provides direction on development of capital credit allocation methodology.  Calculates annual capital credit allocations to retail and wholesale members.
  16. Identifies critical regulatory developments and recommends action to be taken.
  17. Responsible for on-going maintenance of Chugach’s cost allocation manual in support of unbundling, shared services and regulatory directives.
  18. Prepares cost of service and related studies in support of Chugach’s commercial telecommunication business activities.
  19. Participates in negotiating agreements and special contracts for the sale of electricity and related services.
  20. Coordinates the use of Chugach resources to prepare economic and financial studies that examine impacts of proposed activities.
  21. Manages a load research/load profiling program and alternative and innovative rate investigations as required by the RCA.  Conduct rate studies to develop the rate provisions (i.e., wheeling, maintenance, emergency, etc.) of power supply agreements and other special contracts.
  22. Ensures that RCA tariff action meetings and workshops are monitored and acts as a liaison with RCA staff.
  23. Explains the nature, purpose and interpretation of rates and services to Chugach personnel; responds to inquiries from retail and wholesale customers.
  24. Supervises and reviews work completed within the department and where applicable, manages contractor support to the department.
  25. Prepares monthly reports and work lists.
Experience Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in finance, economics, business, accounting, or a related discipline required.  An advanced degree is preferred.



Seven to ten years of regulatory experience in an electrical utility, energy industry, or other regulated utility or business through which the skills and abilities detailed in the specification have been developed and the incumbent can be presented as a qualified witness in a formal regulatory proceeding.  Demonstrated ability to assemble and manage a general rate case and related proceedings filed with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska or similar body, required.



Two years of the experience requirement may be satisfied by a relevant advanced degree.


Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
  • Working knowledge of financial, economic and statistical concepts, principles and techniques.  Extensive understanding of financial, energy economics, ratemaking theory and practice, particularly the various approaches to revenue requirement, cost‑of‑service functionalization, classification and allocation.
  • Must have the ability to analyze and solve routine and non‑routine economic, financial and ratemaking problems.  Must be detail oriented, exhibit superior analytical abilities, and successfully work in a teamwork environment.
  • Knowledge of Alaska Statutes and Administrative Code helpful.
  • Creativity and good judgment, in addition to strong technical and communicative skills, are essential.  Proven ability to utilize information technology to routinely generate analysis is critical.  Ability to work under short timelines required.
  • Must have the ability to prepare thorough, logical and defensible economic and related studies that withstand the scrutiny of the RCA, consumer groups and other affected parties.
  • Must meet the combined requirements of education, experience, communicative ability, soundness of logic, and perform the necessary rigors of analysis in support of formal regulatory proceedings.
  • Ability to withstand cross-examination in an adversarial proceeding.
  • Work is performed in a standard office environment.


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Posting End Date: June 27, 2016