Manager, Power Systems Operations

Company Name: Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Phone Number: (916) 732-4868
City: Sacramento
State/Provence: California
Zip: 95817
Job Title: Manager, Power Systems Operations
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Management
Posting Start Date: April 20, 2016
Salary: $130,464-$179,784
Salary Per: Per Year
Work Time Type: Hours



Under the general direction of the Supervisor, Power Operations Training, researches, designs, reviews, evaluates, and conducts NERC Continuous Education training to Power System Operations control room personnel, and all other classifications mandated by NERC or other grid generation and operating standards regarding the operation, control and monitoring of the SMUD Balancing Authority and SMUD’s generation, transmission and gas pipeline facilities.
Major Duties & Responsibilities


1) As a NERC Continuing Education Provider, designs, develops and implements educational and training programs to meet NERC regulatory compliance and reliability standards, and provides such training for all groups, including NERC Certified Power System Operators, to maintain regulatory compliance and enhance employees skills, knowledge and career opportunities, while fostering SMUD Balancing Authority and SMUD reliability.

2) Assesses the need for new training programs or enhancements by evaluating the effectiveness of current programs; discusses with Supervisor, Power Operations Training, to ensure training meets operational needs as well as NERC and SMUD mandates; evaluates training programs to ensure quality standards are met; evaluates and incorporates new technology into curriculum; and develops and monitors performance measurements, metrics and performance plans.

3) Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates training programs for electric and gas pipeline operations staff by providing on-the-job and classroom training; ensures the progress of employees in training; provides on-the-job feedback and guidance as necessary; and coordinates work scheduling to accommodate necessary training activities.

4) Designs, develops and implements the System Operations and Reliability Department’s training programs to ensure that they meet operational needs and regulatory compliance and reliability standards; reviews, evaluates and selects Computer Based Training (CBT), videotapes/films/written training and educational materials to supplement in-house training and education programs; designs and develops training programs based on performance gaps; designs and develops course content specific to new hires; and reviews lesson plans and course content to ensure training needs are addressed; supports Power System Operations, Power Operations Engineering and Energy Management Systems group to develop and maintain the Operator Training Simulator and associated training material.

5) Conducts and/or coordinates course instructions; coordinates facilities, equipment, and announcements; tracks attendance and develops report for personnel who are in non-compliance; develops training programs that minimize impact on SMUD operations; incorporates significant maintenance and operation requirements; documents employee training, certification, qualifications and regulatory-mandated training; coordinates programs presented by outside trainers; conducts post-course evaluation; directs and coordinates, as assigned, other SMUD personnel assigned to develop and conduct training; serves as point-of-contact related to training programs; and maintains training material and equipment.

6) Supports the SMUD Balancing Area and SMUD’s skills and knowledge needs by maintaining the job task and analysis and by identifying training opportunities; performs job/task and needs analysis; performs feasibility studies; develops skills assessments and performs gap analysis; and researches and selects training programs and software to maintain the skills and knowledge needs required.

8) Assists in the administration of internal/external projects by assisting in identifying project objectives; identifying internal/external project team within area of responsibility; assisting in the development of Request for Proposals where applicable; and participates in developing project plans.

9) Maintains positive relationships with other department units, with Distribution Systems Operations and other SMUD departments and with other utilities to coordinate responsible activities and ensure resolution of operating system problems or disputes.

Experience Required:

Coursework in developing and implementing training plans related to the electric utility industry or other related field is required.

A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university is desirable.
Experience: Minimum of ten (10) years of progressively responsible relevant work experience with an electric or gas generation, Distribution and Transmission utility, with five (5) years in control room operations (i.e., interconnected system operations, emergency operations, Switching and restoration procedures). Of the total years required, a minimum of three (3) years as a Journeyman Power System Operator or Distribution Operator, and/or a minimum of three (3) years in training electrical system
operators by a Standard Approach to Training such as criterion-referenced instruction are required. Proven ability to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate training related to electric utility industry and experience implementing and maintaining enterprise applications software in support of training processes. Experience approving and providing NERC Continuous Education Training Is required. Experience as a Reliability Coordinator is preferred.

Knowledge Of:
Procedures and practices related to SMUD’s electric and gas pipeline operations; Distribution Systems; power and gas pipeline system operating and design principles, concepts and techniques; safety and construction codes and practices; electrical theory; state and local inspection requirements; electrical transmission system design and operations; principles of substation design, construction and operations; system operating procedures; construction standards, equipment, apparatus and applicable
codes, including G.O.95 and 128; methods and techniques for training staff; concepts related to evaluating and recording performance results; performance measurement development and application; load flow and stability calculations; principles and practices of power system planning.

Skill To:
Assess how well one is doing when learning or performing a task; identify, assess and coordinate training needs for staff; provide input to performance evaluations for the work of others; develop creative ways to solve a problem; generate innovative or clever ideas about a given topic or situation; research, analyze and provide recommendations to achieve SMUD objectives; develop and conduct oral presentations to internal/external audiences; teach individuals or groups in a classroom or work area environment; use training and presentation materials and software; determine the best training techniques to use on a wide variety of subject matters; translate complex terminology into non-technical terms; prepare training schedules; provide highly technical expertise related to SMUD operating procedures, policies and practices affecting the work unit; respond to requests for information and inquiries from SMUD personnel and outside agencies; read and interpret complex documents and drawings; adhere to applicable personnel laws, codes and regulations; plan, organize, direct, control, and review the work of others; coach, mentor, motivate, influence, challenge and develop subordinate staff, or terminate. Prepare and implement safety plans, procedures and practices for unit; operate a real-time computerized energy management system; make accurate decisions while working long hours and under emergency conditions; recognize unsafe conditions and act accordingly; recognize system deficiencies and make recommendations for corrective action; respond quickly to changing priorities; perform complex technical planning analysis; monitor, evaluate and manage projects; anticipate problems and apply innovative and creative techniques in their resolution.

Able to complete a NERC Reliability Authority (or System Operator) Certification within 1yr of hire date (condition of employment). Certification from accredited organization in the area of adult education/training/learning programs.
Desirable Qualifications

Electric operations training experience in Extra High Voltage, interconnected operations, using an operator training simulator (OTS) /dispatcher training simulator (DTS). Strong SMUD Distribution Operator experience.

How to Apply:

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Posting End Date: April 20, 2016