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Journeyman Lineman

  • Full Time
  • Hayden, Idaho
  • Salary: $48.85 per hour
  • Posting End Date: October 17, 2021

Website Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Wage or Salary:
$48.85 per hour

Purpose of Position: Installs and maintains overhead and underground electrical power lines and auxiliary equipment.

Core Competencies:

1. Safety: Adhere to all workplace and trade safety laws, regulations, standards, rules, and practices. Use of Personal Protective Equipment as required. Take individual responsibility in managing safety risks and reporting unsafe conditions or unsafe work practices. Respond positively to safety-oriented feedback. Contribute to a culture of safety.

2. Quality of Work: Produce thorough, high quality work with minimal errors. Seek feedback, make corrections as needed. Identify problems and solve them. Strive to improve processes. Work collaboratively with team members to implement systemic changes.

3. Productivity: Complete assigned work in a timely fashion. Utilize slow periods productively. Produce amount and volume expected, at accepted speed.

4. Technical Skills/Job Knowledge: Demonstrate appropriate level of understanding of technical skills in area of expertise, technology, products, and/or processes involved. Perform assigned duties. Keep current on changes. Competent with all technology and industry best practices necessary to perform job. Maintain necessary certification(s).

5. Communication: Oral and written communication clearly convey information. Keep others informed of activities and problems in timely manner. Listen well. Respond appropriately and respectfully.

6. Teamwork/Ability to Work with Others: Demonstrate ability to work in positive manner with co-workers and/or customers with differing backgrounds, opinions, capabilities, etc. Willingly share skills, competencies, and knowledge with others. Establish and maintain strong, effective working relationships. Contribute effectively to group efforts. Promote harmony. Agree to disagree without damaging relationships.
7. Accountability: Maintain excellent attendance and punctuality. Arrive on-time and be prepared to work. Accept responsibility for work and actions. Be reliable.

8. Integrity: Demonstrate honesty, high ethical standards, and respect for all team members, co-workers, and KEC members.

9. Professionalism: Always address internal and external customers with courtesy and respect. Dress in work attire appropriate to the position. Communicate business information in timely fashion, using means of communication appropriate to the situation.

10. Support of Cooperative Goals, Policies, and Procedures: Support Cooperative goals. Adhere to all Cooperative policies and procedures. Understand that internal customer and external member focus is always top priority. Contribute effectively in support of that priority.

11. Problem-Solving: Use sound logic and methodology to solve problems. Explore multiple sources for answers, as required. Able to identify hidden problems. Propose solutions.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Strings, splices, transfers and sags wire in energized or de-energized circuits and connects wire and transformers as specified or directed. Shortens or lengthens lines by adding or removing wire, using a variety of types of splices, connectors, sleeves or clamps. Regularly works above ground on poles or steel towers using climbers and safety belt or operating man lift equipment, boom truck or other specialized equipment not limited to but including back-hoes, boats, ATV’s and snow machines.

2. Routes or re-routes power lines over, under or around existing lines and structures, regularly working above, on, or in close proximity to, energized lines. Selects and uses a variety of “hot line” tools and makes use of rubber gloves, line hoses, mechanical jumpers, fiber guards, blankets and other protective devices as specified. Works on all voltages as required throughout the system.

3. Installs, removes, transfers, maintains and/or repairs cross arms, pins, insulators, guys, transformer and switch racks and other overhead pole and Underground Residential Distribution (URD) equipment using a variety of hand tools, equipment and power tools.

4. Installs and removes transformers, including primary and secondary current transformers and self-contained meters, cut-outs, disconnecting switches, circuit breakers and other overhead line and URD devices, rigging block and tackle where necessary or working with ground crew and winch to raise or lower equipment. May install street and area lights, working with primary and secondary voltages.

5. Performs line switching or sectionalizing as directed. Performs emergency repairs, phases and connects circuits under load; performs load checks and balances feeders as required.

6. Inspects lines, poles both below and above groundline and equipment for signs of damage or wear and reports deficiencies. May be required to apply pole treatment to poles as a part of the pole treatment program.

7. Assists in carrying poles, digging holes, piking and guying poles and other such operations involved in the setting or replacing of poles; may erect steel towers.

8. May troubleshoot electrical problems on Cooperative equipment using, but not limited to, any and all line testing equipment provided by Kootenai Electric Cooperative.

9. May trim trees, fall danger trees and clear ROW in vicinity of power lines.

10. Performs other duties as assigned. Job duties are subject to change as directed by management.

11. May direct activities of personnel in equal or lower classification, including assisting in training apprentices and other crew members in maintenance and construction of power lines.

12. Keeps others informed. Reports and written communication are clear, timely and relevant. Clear, correct verbal communication. Good listener, tries to understand others. Effective in communicating with varied groups or individuals.

13. Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1. Education/Experience:
a. Completion of an accredited apprenticeship program recognized by the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee and the I.B.E.W.
b. Journeyman in good standing with the I.B.E.W.
c. Familiar with W.A.C. 296-45 standards and certified in OSHA 1910.269 training. Know and understand Kootenai Electric Cooperatives safety manual.
d. High school diploma or equivalent.
e. Valid, unrestricted Class A (minimum) Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
f. First Aid/CPR card along with a flagger’s card.

2. Knowledge/Skills:
g. Knowledgeable and competent in “Pole Top Rescue,” able to climb 20 to 30 poles per day.
h. Must possess sound decision-making skills.
i. Excellent communication skills.
j. Maintain a professional appearance.
k. Possess a safe work record.
l. Computer skills and proficiency with mobile device technology and applications required.

3. Mental Demands:
a. May have stress to complete tasks in a limited time.
b. Must be able to observe and interpret situations.
c. Must be able to compare, compute, compile, analyze and coordinate.

4. Physical Demands: Must be able to lift/control 225 lbs. (deadweight) with use of handline and block.

5. Working Conditions/Hazards:

a. Works with and exposed to high voltages up to and including 230,000 volts. May work by himself/herself on occasion but mostly with 2, 3, and 4 man crews. Crew members depend on each other for their well-being and safety.

b. Works outside every day of the year and at all hours of the day and night in the worst of conditions.

c. Operates equipment around traffic and obstructions.

d. Extensive travel driving to member and/or cooperative property locations. Travel may be required for training and/or other purposes.

e. Must be available for unscheduled work and be available for “on call” duty one week at a time.


Additional Information:

Posting will be open through October 17, 2021.  Visit our website to apply:

Kootenai Electric Cooperative is located in scenic North Idaho, the heart of abundant recreational opportunities. Settled in a beautiful lakefront mountain setting, it is a favorite destination for tourists. Just outside our back door are national forests, lakes, rivers, and trails offering plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, boating/water sports, fishing, hunting, golfing, snow sports, and much more. The four distinct seasons offer recreational opportunities year round. The Coeur d’Alene/Hayden metropolitan area also offers a variety of entertainment and shopping venues and is a short 45 minute drive to Spokane, Washington and access to domestic and international air travel.

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