Journeyman Lineman

Company Name: Copper Valley Electric Association, Inc.
Phone Number: 907-822-3211
City: Glennallen
State/Provence: AZ
Zip: 99588
Job Title: Journeyman Lineman
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Linecrew
Posting Start Date: March 15, 2016
Salary: 47.10
Salary Per: hour
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: hours

-Construct and maintain distribution and transmission lines and related equipment, doing all ordinary line work without special supervision. -Perform work on energized lines as necessary within normal safety guidelines for such work and ensure that those assigned to work with him/her follows such guidelines. -Make all types of single and polyphase transformer connections. -Install and move, or remove transformers, secondaries, service drops, oil circuit breakers, poles, conductors, or any other line equipment assigned. -Install and remove instrument transformers and recording or indicating meters of all types. Make load and voltage tests when assigned. -Must be able to interpret line maps, staking sheets, and REA construction drawings, and adhere to applicable codes and specifications. -Maintain working knowledge of up-to-date techniques of first aid pole top rescue and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. -Train and provide guidance to apprentices and/or groundmen assigned to work with him/her. -Adhere to all company policies, procedures, safety rules, and regulations. -Operate automotive and construction equipment when assigned. Comply with all traffic laws, safety rules, regulations, and safe practices while operating any cooperative equipment. -See that trucks, tools, and working equipment assigned to him/her are properly used and kept in good working condition, and that any repairs that may be required are promptly reported to Line Foreman or other assigned personnel. -Assist in the testing, disposal, and record keeping for all electrical equipment; including, but not limited to, transformers, OCRs, meters, regulators, capacitors, etc. -Conduct routine and regular inspection of distribution lines, transmission lines, and substations, etc. All deficiencies will be recorded in writing and turned in to Line Superintendent. If safety hazard exists, correction is to be made immediately.

Experience Required:

Must have completed an approved apprentice program for electrical lineman. Must have at least four (4) years practical experience and have passed the IBEW, or other equal examination, required for this classification.

How to Apply:

A complete application packet is available at

Posting End Date: April 13, 2016