Insurance Manager

Company Name: Grant County PUD
City: Ephrata
State/Provence: Washington
Zip: 98823
Job Title: Insurance Manager
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Management
Posting Start Date: August 11, 2016
Salary: $39.60 - $55.44
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time Type: Hours

Position Summary:

 The Insurance Manager is accountable for achieving strategic objectives, ensuring effective hazard (typically insurable risks) risk management for the organization, and supervising, leading, and/or directing key risk stakeholders.  This person works with the process of identifying, measuring, and managing insurable or hazard risks, analyzing risk/insurance problems, and defining and/or overseeing the implementation of the risk solutions that help optimize operations, including making recommendations on self-insurance.  Responsibilities include directing the purchase of insurance programs, management of claims and loss control activities, management of relationships with third party service providers including brokers and insurers, preparing loss analyses and budgets, identifying exposures, recommending solutions, implementing approved programs, promoting loss prevention, and updating and monitoring compliance with insurance procedures.

Essential Functions: 

  • Works with the ERM group to determine and recommend appropriate levels of risk assumptions for insurance programs (including decisions to self-insure); forecasts appropriate reserves.
  • Reviews and maintains insurance policies; analyzes existing policies for coverage, exclusion clauses, and coverage gaps.
  • Administers enterprise-wide insurance programs, including automobile/fleet management and surety bonds for District notaries and other staff as required.
  • Leads coordination and monitoring of District’s property, casualty and surety policy selections, premium and/or renewal negotiations, and policy review with broker representatives and underwriters.  Effectively communicate costs, changes, and recommendations to the Management and Commission.
  • Acts as a liaison with insurance vendors and consultants; completes insurance applications and responds to surveys.
  • Maintains and collects comparative risk management data and provides written reports.
  • Assists in developing insurance and underwriting criteria including parameters to assess self-insurance.
  • Provide input and risk assessment on contract insurance language and Certificates of Insurance. Coordinate with Broker, auditor, and legal counsel as necessary on contract issues.
  • Manage the District’s Broker Services contract.
  • Review and update Insurance and Claims policies and procedures, as necessary.
  • Coordinate management of insured activities with other departments to ensure that proper interfaces are developed and maintained.
  • Prepare and periodically review of the District’s insurance budget.
  • Manages the work of Claims administration, including:
    • Claims investigation, reporting to insurers, referral as necessary to legal counsel, and/or processing of claims within the District’s self-insured retentions.
    • Small-claims checking account, process and approve small claims settlements, and monitor the District’s Self-Insurance Reserve fund.
    • Investigate and invoice third parties for damage to District property incidents, monitor for collections, and work with local law enforcement, prosecutors and/or Department of Licensing to collect for damages.
    • Effectively communicate with the Claims Review Panel, legal counsel, Management Team, and Commission per the District’s Claims Processing Procedures and as appropriate.
    • Provide quarterly reports on claims activities to Commission.
    • Coordinate the scheduling and completion of Loss Control Surveys and insurance inspections.
  • Other duties as assigned
Experience Required:


Bachelor’s Degree in business, economics, accounting, finance or related field.  Washington State Insurance training preferred.


 Total of 5 years of a combination of financial analysis and risk management in the electric utility industry.

Other Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Possess knowledge and/or aptitude in the following areas:

  • Insurance practices followed by utilities.
  • Commercial insurance policies.
  • Electric utility and hydro operations.
  • Knowledge of principles and practice of risk management activities, such as risk identification/reduction, loss control, asset protection, employee safety, worker compensation programs, etc.
  • Knowledge of insurance administrative principles and procedures.
  • Knowledge of current trends in liability insurance market conditions, including types of coverage.
  • Knowledge of local, state (RCWs and WACs), and federal regulatory requirements as they apply to utility business & liability law.
  • Possess strong oral and written communication skills.


  • Demonstrate effective and accurate communication skills and information management in both written and verbal forms, and in interactions with Management, other employees, vendors, and/or customers.
  • Analyze, classify, and rate risks, exposure, and loss expectancies.
  • Provide leadership and influence others.
  • Mediate and resolve complex problems and issues.
  • Develop long-range business plans and strategy.
  • Computer usage, including the application of MS standard Office software suite; exposure to Risk Management software a plus.
  • Strong finance and accounting knowledge.
  • Possess a valid Washington Driver’s License.


  • Demonstrate ability to work harmoniously with co-workers.
  • Adapt to a variety of situations (including pressure situations)
  • Exercise sound judgment in making decisions and evaluating claims.
  • Work under pressure, organize priorities, deal with interruptions, possess above-average communication skills, and maintain flexibility and confidentiality.

Physical/Mental Requirements: Duties are customarily performed in an office environment.  Occasional trips to hydroelectric projects or accident scenes as required.  Some visits require the ability to climb several flights of stairs and/or walk significant distances.  Call-outs for incident investigation may require after-hours trips inside the county.  Must be able to use computer and read computer screens, hear well in meetings and on radio or telephone communications, and must have good visual perception.

Position Open Until Filled

Equal Opportunity Employer

References and Background Checks are done as part of our employment process.

Posting End Date: September 9, 2016