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Hydro Mechanic Apprentice or Hydro Mechanic Journeyman for IF Power

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Wage or Salary:
$67,080–$77,750 OR $81,411–$96,616 per year, DOE

Performs a variety of entry-level skilled duties or journey-level skilled duties related to the daily maintenance, repair, and upkeep of power plants and substation hydroelectric equipment and generators as needed to ensure compliance with FERC licensing regulations and requirements.

Salary Information:

Hydro Mechanic Apprentice                                        Hydro Mechanic Journeyman
$32.35-$37.38 hourly                                                     $39.14 – $46.45 hourly
$2588.00 – $2990.40 Biweekly                                    $3131.20 – $3716.00 Biweekly
$67,080 – $77,750.40 annually                                    $81,411.20 – 96,616.00 annually


Apprentice Hydro Mechanic: Works under the direct supervision of the Hydro Mechanic Foreman or Journey-level Hydro Mechanic.

Hydro Mechanic Journeyman: Works under the direct supervision of the Hydro Mechanic Foreman.


Apprentice Hydro Mechanic: None.
Hydro Mechanic Journeyman: May provide close to immediate supervision to Hydro Mechanic Apprentice(s).

Essential Functions:
Hydro Mechanic Apprentice Functions are completed in an “assist” mode under the supervision of a journey level hydro mechanic depending upon level of training and advancement through the apprenticeship program.
Hydro Mechanic Journeyman should possess a knowledge of and ability to perform the following functions without direct supervision.

Conducts daily inspection of hydro power plant facilities to inspect and monitor: generators, turbines, hydraulic governors, temperature and flow meters, CO2 systems, oil systems, cooling systems, air systems, gates and gate control systems, and dam structures.

Performs complex and comprehensive turbine tear-down and rebuild operations, five year hydro plant dewatering, disassembly, inspections and maintenance.

Rebuilds hydro pumps and motors to include bearing replacement/installation and shaft alignments.

Maintain and repair air handler systems, hydraulic systems, head gates, flag gates and radial gates to ensure proper operation of dam and dike waterway management.

Perform routine and scheduled preventative maintenance on all hydro plant facility equipment and systems. This work includes utilizing the utilities electronic preventative maintenance system for data entry and trend analysis purposes.

Must have a thorough knowledge of the Dam Safety Surveillance Monitoring Program (DSSMP). Perform routine, periodic and detailed inspections and monitoring of dam structures, dikes and waterways to ensure all federal licensing requirements are met.

Performs complex welding in the maintenance, repair, and fabrication of power plant equipment including generators, turbines, and other related utility equipment and systems.

Operates trash rake and related heavy equipment to clear water channels of debris; assists in conducting body recovery operations in cooperation with the police department; operates power boat, and/or jet boat to service water systems, string safety buoys, etc.

Performs various environmental control functions in applying pesticides and insecticides; participates in various levels of aquatic animal control as needed to prevent disruptions in power generation operations and delivery of electric services.

Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications:
1.         Education and Experience:
Apprentice: Graduation from high school. Preference given to completion of any relevant trade school certification or curriculum (such as welding) with specialization in electronics, mechanical, electrical or related fields of study, an Associate Degree or passing score on the JTAC aptitude test;
Journeyman: Graduation from high school and completion of an approved hydro mechanic apprentice program;

B.         Apprentice: Two (2) years of experience related to the above duties:
Journeyman: Four (4) years of experience related to the above duties;
C.         An equivalent combination of education and experience;

2.         Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

As applicable to the level of apprenticeship training under the supervision of Journeyman or foreman, the knowledge of (or ability to obtain knowledge of) hydro power equipment installation, maintenance, and repair; power plant operation and procedures; hazards associated with electronic and high voltage equipment and devices; precautions necessary to insure safety of employees and equipment; practices and procedures related to installation, maintenance, and repair of power generation systems. Working City Electric Department policies and procedures. Working knowledge and ability to use computers and Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Apprentice skills in the use of technical mechanical and hydro equipment.
Journeyman skills in the use of technical mechanical and hydro equipment.

Ability to analyze and diagnose mechanical problems associated with complex City power system and equipment; ability to perform complex and technical repairs on complicated power generation systems; ability to develop effective working relationships with Supervisor, fellow employees, and the public; ability to operate radio communication equipment.

3.         Special Qualifications:

Apprentice: Must successfully complete apprentice curriculum and any associated testing as defined by Idaho Falls Power. This may require attending courses after hours both in school setting and in an on-line format.
Journeyman: Must be a certified Hydro Mechanic Journeyman.

Must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License or obtain one within 6 months of hire.

Must be available on an on-call basis.

Must live within 25 miles of utility office

Must be able to work different shift hours if work dictates

Must be able to pass the Physically Fit for Duty Test administered by a private Idaho Falls Power contracted Occupational Therapist

Work Environment:
Incumbents of the position perform normally in an outdoor and/or indoor physical environment.  Tasks require variety of physical activities involving muscular strain, related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, and lifting (100 lbs). Essential functions require talking, hearing and seeing.   Common and complex eye, hand, finger dexterity exist.   Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and creative problem solving.  Daily travel required in normal course of job performance.  Regular exposure to changing weather conditions and hazards common to high voltage electrical system.

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