General Manager

Company Name: Franklin PUD
Phone Number: (509) 547-5591
City: Pasco
State/Provence: Washington
Zip: 99302
Job Title: General Manager
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Management
Posting Start Date: July 25, 2018
Salary: DOQ
Salary Per: Per Year
Work Time Type: Hours


The General Manager is responsible for the overall management of the Public Utility District. The General Manager provides leadership and develops and implements strategic plans to ensure the District is responsive to its customers, employees and the electric utility industry. The General Manager ensures the District conducts its business in accordance with established values, sound financial management practices, policies, and objectives established by the Board of Commissioners.

The General Manager provides direct supervision to department heads, including the Assistant General Manager/Director of Power Management, Director of Administrative Services, Director of Engineering, Director of Operations, Senior Manager of Human Resources, Senior Manager of Public Affairs, and the Executive Assistant. The position reports to an elected three-member Board of Commissioners and is responsible for keeping the Commission informed as to the financial health of the District, personnel matters, and system reliability as well as important and relevant local and regional electric industry issues.

  1. Overall management of District departments: Oversees technical expertise of departments; guides, monitors and reviews to assure ability of department heads. Makes decisions, with recommendation from staff, in matters relating to the electrical system, purchasing, staffing, and administrative policies. Brings these matters to the Board, as appropriate.  The General Manager is responsible for ensuring District employees are qualified and capable in their specific job responsibilities and compensated appropriately.
  2. Responsibility to the Board: Attends regular meetings of the Board of Commissioners. Submits items of business to be considered. Administers the policies of the Board and carries out its directives. Educates, or arranges for education of Board members on subjects of importance to the District, particularly financial matters. Recommends short and long range plans to maintain adequate power supply, sufficient physical plant, and a qualified, appropriately compensated staff.
  3. Responsibility for annual budget: Assists in all phases of the budget process; works with direct reports for departmental budget planning, with the Director of Administrative Services for overall budget planning, execution and presentation to the Board. Works with other entities acting as financial advisors to the District.  Verifies the budget presented to the Board has been carefully scrutinized to ensure the District is being fiscally responsible.
  4. Labor and employee relations: Participates in contract negotiations, labor/management meetings and the interpretation of Collective Bargaining Agreements. Represents or delegates a representative to the Central Washington Public Utilities (CWPU) Managers and the Unified Insurance Program Trustees. Makes decisions relating to labor in coordination with the CWPU member utilities and their Labor Consultant.
  5. Regional representation and meeting attendance: Represents, or, when appropriate, delegates representation of the District at meetings of the Public Power Council, and Washington PUD Association, PNUCC, and other local, regional and national organizations. Stays informed of regional issues and actively participates in the meetings/discussions that address the challenges of public power.
  6. Professional relationships: Maintains positive working relationships with appropriate officials at the local city, School District, Columbia Basin College, Franklin County, Port of Pasco, and other state and federal agencies to promote the needs and objectives of the District.
  7. Leadership: Leads the District’s Management Leadership Team, responsible for setting the direction of the PUD through goal setting/implementation and the development and implementation of the District’s strategic and operating plans. Communicates goals and strategic plans to Commissioners and employees.  Encourages a high level of excellence in the work the District performs.
  8. Professional standards: Sets the standard of professional behavior, efficient use of time and resources, cooperation, community service and quality of work, expected of all District employees. Leads by example.
  9. Community relations: Oversees programs to ensure the District effectively communicates with and is responsive to the needs of a diverse population of customer/owners. Establishes District presence in appropriate community service organizations. Encourages utility participation in appropriate community activities.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned by the Board of Commissioners.
Experience Required:


Work experience: Requires a minimum of ten years progressively responsible utility industry experience, electric utility experience preferred, to include at least five years in senior leadership roles.

Essential knowledge and training: A Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, finance/accounting, business administration, public administration or other related fields is required.   In addition, proven work performance and experience, plus certain, required knowledge, skills and abilities are required to carry out the duties of General Manager. Those requirements include knowledge of public utility systems including operations, management, planning, maintenance, construction and/or personnel requirements. A thorough understanding of the contemporary issues of the electric utility industry in the Pacific Northwest is mandatory. Other skills include effective oral and written communication, ability to make public presentations to a variety of audiences, proven leadership and independent judgment.

Character of supervision received: Policy direction is provided by the Board of Commissioners.

Character of supervision given: General direction is provided to direct reports on a continual basis. Supervisory activity consists of one-on-one discussions, answering questions, offering advice or insight into daily issues. Group supervision occurs during staff meetings where information is shared and work is collaborative.

Responsibility for confidential matters: Routinely handles information related to personnel records, salaries and labor negotiations. Works in a confidential manner with city, county, port and other officials for economic development and other issues within the community. Maintains relationships based on trust with Commissioners, employees and community members. Understands and balances the need for confidentiality with the public’s right to information.

Responsibility for getting along with others: Has contact with employees, consultants, other utilities, local, state and regional agencies and other community leaders. Is responsible for maintaining a positive working relationship with all of them.

Responsibility for accuracy/effect of errors: Maintains a high level of accuracy.  Judgment errors could have far-reaching public relations, legal or financial consequences.

Travel: Travel is extensive and frequent. The General Manager’s presence is required at meetings locally, regionally and nationally. Representation at certain events may be delegated to the appropriate staff.

Pressure of work: Pressure and stress arise through the interaction with the press, between departments, Board expectations, customer expectations, deadlines and decision ramifications. The General Manager is ultimately responsible for the decisions and actions of the staff.

How to Apply:

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Equal Opportunity Employer. Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled

Posting End Date: August 24, 2018