Engineering Manager

Company Name: Inland Power & Light
Phone Number: (509) 747-7151
City: Spokane
State/Provence: Washington
Zip: 99224
Job Title: Engineering Manager
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Engineering
Posting Start Date: May 2, 2016
Salary: DOE
Work Time: 8
Work Time Type: Hours

The engineering manager is a position tasked with directing and managing the activities, projects, programs and operations of the engineering department. The engineering manager identifies and accomplishes the cooperative’s business objectives, policies and plans. Provides leadership in setting strategic management direction and aligns work plans with the cooperative’s objectives. Collaborates with other managers and supervisors across the organization to achieve the cooperative’s goals.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Develops short and long-range plans for the engineering department in terms of programs, personnel, facilities, equipment and supplies.
  1. Plans, develops and recommends annual goals to be accomplished by the engineering department in fulfillment of its objectives; revises work programs and schedules for personnel under his/her supervision. Direct changes in priorities and schedules to ensure work is completed in an efficient and timely manner.
  1. Develops recommendations on policies and procedures to be formulated or revised and submitted to the board of trustees in areas dealing with engineering and other areas common to construction rules and regulations or service rules and regulations.
  1. Initiates or directs studies for improvements of the construction, maintenance, service, safety and training activities of the engineering department.
  1. Develops and recommends budgetary requirements for the engineering department. Reviews total system budget to modify or revise department budgets.
  1. Develops recommendations on the purchase and/or replacement of assigned equipment; establishes an adequate maintenance and service schedule.
  1. Participates in team meetings to develop future plans, confers on mutual problems, exchanges information and shares in the determination and formulation of management policies and procedures.
  1. Develops the guidelines to be used as controls and control information; also the essential record keeping procedures for an effective control system in the engineering department.
  1. Coordinates the internal operating procedures established for his/her department.
  1. Studies and reviews technical developments, safety rules, power bills and publications to keep currently informed outside the cooperative.
  1. Participates in local, state, regional and national meetings as required or directed.
  1. Ensures that all equipment and vehicles assigned to the engineering department are operating according to established procedures.
  1. Investigates accidents and approves the reports when personnel within the department are involved.
  1. Review technical information received from consulting engineers and reviews various engineering reports with appropriate staff members.
  1. Reviews results from right-of-way clearing and maintenance programs and directs necessary corrections.
  1. Reviews time reports, outage reports, service orders and other reports, which reflect time spent, work accomplished and material and equipment used.
  1. Reviews Federal regulatory compliance filings and documentation prepared by the cooperative’s regulatory compliance officer. Fills in for the regulatory compliance officer as needed.
  1. Develops and stimulates morale and motivates team spirit and enthusiasm throughout the department by appropriate delegating, recognition of accomplishment, coaching, counseling and advancement according to merit, interest and ability.
  2. Develops training programs for assigned personnel and determines that all personnel under his/her direction are thoroughly trained in accordance with the qualifications and requirements necessary to achieve maximum results in their positions.
  1. Appraises periodically assigned personnel ensuring that they are developing and improving.
  1. Other duties as assigned.




Experience Required:

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Education/Experience:
    1. As a minimum have a bachelor’s of science degree in electrical engineering with a “power option” from an accredited four-year college or university.
    2. A minimum of 10 years in the power utility industry with experience in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical distribution systems, five of which were in a supervisory role.
    3. Professional engineering registration in the states of Idaho and Washington.
  1. Knowledge and Skills:
    1. Must have excellent communication skills. Must be highly motivated with positive management skills and a strong commitment to cooperative principles and to providing excellent member service.
    2. Knowledge of National Electrical Safety Code, Washington state electrical safety code for utilities, engineering principals, operations and maintenance, materials and equipment, EPA requirements and OSHA standards.
    3. Skilled in the development of human capital, including setting of individual performance objectives; coaching, guiding, training, and motivating subordinates; development of subordinate’s professional skills and competencies; measuring job performance, including performance evaluation; and identifying areas of opportunity to include implementation of appropriate developmental corrective plans.
    4. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
    5. Keeps current on technological advances in the engineering field.
    6. Fosters a professional image by personally being visible, a positive role model and displaying a positive attitude; inspires others.
  1. Mental Demands/Working Conditions:
    1. Ability to work independently with minimal guidance and supervision.
    2. Ability to manage diverse work functions while balancing and adjusting priorities in accordance with changing requirements.
    3. Ability to respond quickly and effectively to a rapidly changing work environment.
    4. Ability to understand personal and departmental role in the bigger organization picture, and to respond as an effective team member.
    5. Ability to work under pressure. Must be able to make decisions with minimal data.
How to Apply:

If your credentials and interest match this job, please visit Inland Power’s website to download an application. Please send send your completed application, cover letter and resume to: or mail them to, Inland Power & Light Company, 10110 W. Hallett Rd., Spokane WA 99224-7435, Attn: Human Resources.

Posting End Date: June 30, 2016