Company Name: Petersburg Borough
Phone Number: (907) 772-5404
City: Petersburg
State/Provence: Alaska
Zip: 99833
Job Title: Electrician/Operator
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Electrician
Posting Start Date: November 20, 2017
Salary: $41.10-$42.81
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time Type: Hours


Maintains, installs, and repairs all departmental electrical equipment.  Also, when needed, operates and monitors hydro and diesel generation.

Duties (The duties listed in this section are intended as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.)


Performs maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of power plant electrical systems.  Power plant systems include: electric motors, pumps, relays, heaters, sensors, control systems, protective relays, programmable logic controllers, transfer switches, backup battery arrays, and the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) for remote control.

Wires and installs current (CT) and potential (PT) transformers including test switches for metering commercial accounts. Tests and inspects CT’s and PT’s at existing locations to ensure code required accuracy.

Tests, calibrates, and repairs kilowatt hour electric meters in the Petersburg community to insure Code required accuracy; programs digital electric meters as needed; and verifies in-use digital meters are programmed correctly. These duties are regularly performed in this position. Training in these duties will be provided.

Reads large commercial electric meters monthly and records results using handheld electronic meter reader.

Performs daily line order work. This work typically involves reading meters for new or terminated accounts, including connection and disconnection of electric meters. This work also includes power quality testing, and troubleshooting of metering equipment and services.

Plans for new equipment and changes in existing electrical equipment.

Compiles monthly reports totaling kilowatt fuel usage, lube oil usage, kilowatt hours (kWh) generated by Crystal Lake hydro, (kWh) generated by power plant diesel generators, (kWh) delivered by the Tyee hydroelectric facility, and PMPL (kWh) usage.

Develop, implement and maintain a program to identify and reduce system (kWh) losses.

Inspects residential housing to insure compliance with the National Electric Code.

Inspects commercial/industrial electrical installations under direct guidance of the Power Superintendent.

Reads electric and water meters as needed.

Assists other Borough departments with electrical issues when needed and appropriate.

Operator: (Training in these duties will be provided and are requirements of the position.)

Assumes responsibilities of Power Plant Operator as required.

Offers technical guidance to fellow employees regarding electrical operations.

Provides for safety of generation operation by observing meters, gauges and related devices and taking appropriate action.

Monitors Power Plant generators to maintain continual distribution of power.

Requires selection of most efficient engine to operate, spot checking for problems, measuring temperatures regularly, and cleaning/oiling when necessary.

Notifies mechanic when repairs are required.

Assists mechanic with repairs to generators or hydro facility as needed.

Performs daily power plant checklist for opening up and closing down the power plant facility.

Performs bi-weekly hydro facility checklists at Blind Slough power plant.

Travels by helicopter, plane or foot to Crystal Lake Hydro facility for maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems as needed.

Once an experienced operator, incumbent may perform training for new operators.


Performs other duties as assigned.

Experience Required:

Distinguishing Characteristics

The work assigned to positions in the Electrician/Operator classification is distinguished from work assigned to other positions in the department by the element of maintenance and repair of electrical equipment.

Qualifications (Continuation of employment is contingent upon employee maintaining the qualifications listed below.)

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees and the general public; work cooperatively with supervisor; and display willingness to assist co-workers.

Must be able to obtain an Alaska State Driver’s License.

Must obtain a State of Alaska Journeyman Electrician Certificate of Fitness as a precondition of employment. (The Petersburg Borough will assist in obtaining this certificate.)

Any combination of experience and education which provides the applicant with the following attributes:

  • Skill/experience in operation of hydro and diesel generators.
  • Skill/experience in revenue metering applications.
  • Skill in operating a variety of hand and power tools used in electrical utility work.
  • Ability to understand, diagnose, and repair electrical systems.  Requires basic understanding of typical electrical utility operation with emphasis on specific technical electrical knowledge.
  • Ability to perform manual labor under occasional hazardous and uncomfortable working conditions.
  • Ability to comprehend technical instructions and interpret plan of action.
  • Physical ability to perform the work of the class.
  • Knowledge of diesel and hydro generating equipment.
  • Ability to work with a minimum of supervision.
How to Apply:

Send completed applications to the Borough Clerk’s office, PO Box 329, Petersburg, AK 99833, fax to 907-772-3759, or email to mswihart@petersburgak.gov.

Posting End Date: December 20, 2017