Electrical Line Worker

Company Name: City of Lompoc
Phone Number: (805) 875-8208
City: Lompoc
State/Provence: California
Zip: 93436-6969
Job Title: Electrical Line Worker
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Linecrew
Posting Start Date: May 26, 2017
Salary: $5,520.62 - $7,011.32
Salary Per: Per Month
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: Hours

The class of Electrical Line Worker is the skilled journey level class in this series. Under general supervision, incumbents perform journey level skilled and semi-skilled work in the construction, maintenance, and repair of energized and de-energized electric distribution lines and related equipment/facilities; assists in the training and directs the work of lower electrical classifications; and perform other specifically related work as required.

Works on energized and de-energized overhead and underground circuits and equipment. Climbs poles; works at various heights installing and replacing primarysecondary lines/cables and line equipment, including power poles,; sets and guys poles and installs cross arms and brackets and strings lines; installs line equipment, such as transformers, switches, cut-outs, disconnects, lightning arrestors, fault interrupters, fault indicators, insulators, circuit breakers, street light fixtures, revenue metering equipment, and other line apparatus; installs, hooks up and maintains pole-mounted transformer banks or stations serving large industrial customers and residential sections; reconstructs existing primary lines/cables and fittings and transfers wires; phases out and cuts in new circuits; switches load from one primary to another by closing and opening disconnects and/or overhead and Padmounted switches; tests pole lines and other facilities; trims trees to clear lines; respond to customer complaints; locates primary and secondary cables; instructs and trains apprentices and helpers; may direct the work of an assigned helper; keeps labor, location and material records; operates City vehicles; and performs related work as required.  

Experience Required:
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:  Journey level line worker status attained through serving an apprenticeship.
LICENSE REQUIRED: Operating commercial vehicles and/or trailers is an essential function of the position.  Possession of an appropriate and valid driver’s license class “B” commercial driver’s license is required.  Applicants are required to submit a satisfactory driving history, from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV printout), dated within the last six months

KNOWLEDGE OF: Construction rules such as GO 95 and GO 128; proper methods, procedures, materials, tools and equipment used in the construction, maintenance, and repair of energized and de-energized overhead electrical distribution lines, underground cable feeders, and related equipment/facilities up to 12-kV; applicable electrical codes, such as State Electrical Safety Orders, and fundamental safety regulations, first aid and the methods of applying resuscitation; basic math; simple record keeping; general principles of training; appropriate safety precautions and procedures.

ABILITY TO: Skillfully use and operate line workers’ tools and equipment in performing all phases of line construction, operation, and maintenance work; climb and work on high poles in a confined area among high voltage energized lines; read, write and perform mathematical calculations at the level required for successful job performance; maintain simple records; direct the work of others; operate a vehicle observing legal and defensive driving practices; understand and carry out oral and written instructions; establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
How to Apply:

Apply online at www.cityoflompoc.com/humanresources or call (805) 875-8208 with any questions.

Posting End Date: June 26, 2017