Director of Market Operations

Company Name: Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS)
Phone Number: (801) 566-3938
City: Salt Lake City
State/Provence: Utah
Zip: 84103
Job Title: Director of Market Operations
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Operations
Posting Start Date: April 21, 2017
Salary: $96,300-$144,500
Salary Per: Per Year
Work Time: 8
Work Time Type: Hours

EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES – Duties may include but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Assumes responsibility for effectively performing pre-scheduling functions.
    1. Responsible for pre-schedules and generation bid ranges as required by the market and transmission service providers considering market forecasts and resource status. Forecasts and enters daily UAMPS loads, and inputs monthly energy and gas resource amounts including contracted levels and power plant generations.
    2. Performs or assists negotiation of day-ahead or long-term power, transmission and gas purchases and sales.
    3. Completes daily submission of pre-schedules of bid ranges, power, transmission, and gas transactions to all designated business parties and transmits the information in formats tailored to specific needs of business partners.
    4. Prepares scheduling e-tags in compliance with WECC regulations for all power schedules.
    5. Directs the Senior Scheduler in day-ahead marketing activities.
    6. Updates and monitors gas and electric imbalance accounts monthly. Gathers and reviews information from the previous month and reconciles current balances.  Develops strategies to minimize negative impacts.
    7. Evaluates and audits invoices from gas and transmission service and gas and power suppliers to ensure accuracy and impact on UAMPS operations. Works closely with UAMPS accounting personnel for proper and timely payments and receipts.
  2. Assumes responsibility for the effective and efficient performance of real time scheduling functions as necessary.
    1. Monitors UAMPS market position, loads and resources continuously to maintain optimal power balance.
    2. Contacts Balancing Areas, gas pipelines and suppliers and market operators on a continuous basis for market operations. Utilizes computer monitoring and multiple communications methods.
    3. Completes trading, purchasing and selling functions for market operations.
    4. Updates scheduling and meter database records. Inputs gas, power and market schedules and prices to be used in billing processes.
    5. Contacts market counter-parties and utilizes web based services to gather power and gas market information.
    6. Monitors UAMPS power and gas meters and advises appropriate personnel if problems arise.
    7. Troubleshoots potential capacity problems on an ongoing basis and makes adjustments as appropriate.
  3. Assumes responsibility for ensuring professional relations with all members, professionals, and external contacts.
    1. Ensures that counter parties and market operators are well informed of UAMPS various market positions.
    2. Ensures that members are well informed of load, resource, and pricing projections.
    3. Maintains professional and productive relations with members and power and gas counter-parties.
    4. Projects a positive image of UAMPS to outside contacts.
  4. Assumes responsibility for maintaining effective communication, coordination, and working relationships with area personnel and other departments.
    1. Replaces and assists Real-time and Senior Schedulers as needed.
    2. Keeps area personnel and other departments well informed of market position information.
    3. Performs special studies to improve market and planning efficiency. Makes suggestions to improve market operations and procedures.
    4. Works to minimize costs associated UAMPS market operations.
    5. Performs market, power and gas scheduling functions in accordance with established policies, procedures, and regulations.
  5. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
    1. Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.
    2. Stays informed of industry, market, and power trends.
    3. Attends professional meetings and seminars.
Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering or a related field, or an equivalent combination of work experience and education.

Knowledge of power, transmission and gas markets operations and procedures.

Understanding of computer programs related to power, transmission and gas market operations.     

Three to five years of related experience.

How to Apply:

Interested individuals should send a resume and cover letter that includes job experience, major responsibilities and accomplishments related to this position to  Applicants whose backgrounds most closely reflect the current needs of UAMPS may be invited to participate in an interview.  Reference checks will be conducted on final candidates and hiring is subject to passing a background check.

Posting End Date: May 8, 2017