Controls Technician

Company Name: Northern California Power Agency
Phone Number: (916) 781-3636
City: Middletown
State/Provence: California
Zip: 95461
Job Title: Controls Technician
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Operations
Posting Start Date: August 11, 2017
Salary: 40.89
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: Hours

The Technician Operator position consists of five levels of competency.  Individuals can either enter into the classification at the beginning level of the job or somewhere between the entry level and the top step depending on the qualifications brought with them.  It is the expectation of NCPA that all employees progress to the top level.  In order to progress to the top level an employee must complete all components in a competency level within the associated training matrix.  Employees who successfully complete a training level matrix and who received a rating of “meets requirements” or higher on their last annual performance appraisal will be promoted when qualified.  Upon completion/demonstration of competencies employees will be expected to perform work in all completed levels and other job-related duties as required.  All employees have the right to challenge any component in the training matrix by proving proficiencies verbally and practically.

This position is eligible for a $5,000 sign on bonus.

General Scope of the Job

Under general supervision of the Mechanical Supervisor and at times under the general direction of the Mechanic Operator / Technician Operator Lead Person; to maintain, test, install and repair electrical equipment, control system and instrument systems and accurately and reliably maintain these assets in a geothermal power generating facility.  The measure of accuracy and reliability is the safe, effective and efficient performance of the Facility.

•    Troubleshoot repair, calibrate, test and install communication and control system hardware, software, and equipment in geothermal power generating facility.
•    Examples of common systems: Telemetry, two-way radio, fiber optics, SCADA & DCS, RTU’s, serial comms (RS-232/RS-485),PLC’s, protective relay (transfer trip & power line carrier), routable network security, physical security (alarms & video surveillance), Various types of instrumentation & electrical systems that include transmitters, motors, motor starters and control circuits, valves and  actuators.

This position is predominately technician based with operation support as outlined below.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities

Level I
Description: This is the entry level for the Technician Operator position at which the employee must perform the duties as described below while attaining skills and experience through academic and hands-on training.

•    Assists journey level workers design, lay out, install, maintain and repair electrical systems that operate and control power plant equipment such as generators, pumps, motors, compressors and valves on the condenser, cooling tower and Stretford Systems.
•    Assists journey level workers maintain and repair protective relays, metering, switch gear, transformers, generators, voltage regulators and breakers.
•    Assists journey level workers test, troubleshoot and diagnose malfunctions, or failure of circuitry, control systems and electrical systems of equipment using precision instruments and multi-function meters; under direction disassembles/reassembles electrical wiring or system component, replaces or repairs defective parts, tests and calibrates to ensure function within specified standards.
•    Assists journey level workers install conduit, power and control cables; terminates power control cables and connects power to pumps and motors.
•    Assists others with the construction, installation, repair and maintenance of turbines, generators, pumps, motors, and compressors using a variety of hand and power tools.
•    Assists locating and ordering electrical parts and material.
•    Learns and studies the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and control systems at the geothermal power plant; receive training and instruction from journey level technicians.
•    Participates in and successfully completes course work in electrical apprenticeship program, equivalent academic program or any combination which provide adequate training to progress to Level II.
•    Maintains electrical equipment and maintenance records.
•    Maintain tools and test equipment.
•    Performs housecleaning and other job-related duties as required, including assisting other crafts.
•    Regularly operates Agency vehicles going to and from job locations.
•    Maintain tools and test equipment.
•    Performs other job-related duties as required.

Experience Required:

Level I: High School Diploma or possession of Certificate of Equivalency.

Level II: Completion of the NCPA Level II training program or three years of equivalent journey level electrical or technical experience.

Level III: Completion of the NCPA Level III training program or four years of equivalent journey level electrical and technical experience.

Level IV: Completion of the NCPA Level IV training program or four years of equivalent journey level electrical and technical experience and operations experience.

Level V: Completion of the NCPA Level V training program or six years of equivalent journey level journey level electrical and technical and operations experience.

Requirement:  Maintaining a level of technical proficiency in current job as demonstrated by performance reviews and evaluations.

Desired Skills:
•    Power Plant experience
•    HMI experience (Siemens T3000, Intelution or Wonderware)
•    PLC experience (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Scada Pack, etc.)
•    PC based computer training and networking experience

Drivers License Requirement

Possession of an unrestricted Class C California operator’s license by the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles.  Possession and maintenance of a good driving record as demonstrated by the absence of multiple or serious traffic violations or accidents within the last three (3) years.

How to Apply:

To apply please visit our Career Center Site: NCPA Career Center



Posting End Date: September 11, 2017