Certified Distribution Dispatcher

Company Name: Idaho Falls Power
Phone Number: (208) 612-8429
City: Idaho Falls
State/Provence: Idaho
Zip: 83402
Job Title: Certified Distribution Dispatcher
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Dispatcher
Posting Start Date: August 3, 2018
Salary: $40.65
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: Hours

Operates and controls the City’s hydroelectric power plants through SCADA systems; includes the mechanical and electrical operation of the plants, maintaining headwater levels, and minimum flows in order to meet Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and other agency requirements.

Hourly real-time energy coordination with UAMPS; including the validation of hourly energy schedules and recording values using Idaho Falls Power’s prescribed procedures.  Generates daily load forecast and generation report; next hour load forecasts; review and generate prior day’s daily operations reports for management staff.  Oversees the dispatch of the BPA slice product and scheduling of BPA resources to the system.  Utilized the BPA Default User Interface (DUI), TEA Slice Optimizer software, and other resource scheduling and optimization systems.

Manages the electrical system including; 161 kV transmission line, 46 kV sub-transmission loop; with the ability to isolate different sections of the loop, 12.5 kV distribution lines with control of primary and secondary feeders at each of the substations. Quickly, accurately and safely reroute power to customers during outage situations in order to minimize the impact of equipment failures/outages.

Monitors field and system maintenance operations and initiates all tag-out procedures to ensure timely hot line clearances and safety access during repair activities; maintains detailed electronic log of breaker operations, breaker lockouts, generator shut-downs, safety clearances, hot-line permits, software hotline hold tags, callouts, repairs, etc.; writes and directs switching procedures; acts as the designated person to communicate with field personnel to insure all switching is done safely and correctly, and to keep a written copy of completed switching. Ensures work is completed in accordance with latest edition of APPA manual, as adopted by the utility.

Generates and logs hotline permits, software hotline hold tags, and clearance numbers to designated personnel in the field, and assures verification that said device has been properly operated in accordance with safety manual (devices tagged, reclose relays open, all switches are visually open, grounds are in place, etc.).

Coordinates with Bonneville Power Administration and Rocky Mountain Power when an unscheduled outage occurs, or when scheduled outages or load transfers are needed; performs real time hourly load scheduling and coordination with UAMPS.

Monitors outage management system and directs restoration activities; communicates with other IFP staff including Energy Service Reps (ESR) to accurately and quickly communicate information on outages to customer utilizing various system including but not limited to Outage Management System (OMS) and AMI systems; performs predictive outage analysis to assist with field troubleshooting and minimize outage issues; creates outage reports.  Ensures accurate reporting of outage cause and duration into OMS.  Works closely with ESR to ensure superior customer service and outage restoration response.

Monitors surveillance cameras to maintain safety and security of assets; follows and maintains federal guidelines related to system monitoring and operations; ensures compliance with federal emergency action plan in event of natural disaster or related emergency; operates interactive voice response system (IVR), returning calls from customers; utilizes incident management system to identify issues and dispatch maintenance personnel.  Monitors readings, on major feeders to help watch for phase imbalances during peak loads.; maintains data base.

Coordinates with Power Supply Dispatcher and Compliance Manager on compiling data, maintaining documentation necessary for reporting, and preparing historical reports as needed to satisfy quarterly FERC reporting requirements.

Update city distribution maps using Webmap to reflect real-time circuit reconfiguration and unplanned outages; utilize Geographical Information System (GIS) to identify source of problems and dispatch repair personnel as needed.  Work with field staff and internal GIS staff to improve mapping software and accuracy to ensure real world representation of system configuration.

Works relief shifts to provide desk coverage for other Dispatchers and when not providing coverage works to update and improve training, SCADA displays, map boards, and other general work needed and assigned by supervisory staff.

Performs other related duties as assigned or required.

Experience Required:

1. Education and Experience:

A.  High School diploma, or equivalent; plus, two (2) years of training related to electrical/mechanical applications, computer operations, electronics, or related field with preference for completion of an electrical or mechanical applications program from a technical school or college;  AND  B. One (1) year of experience performing above and related duties;  OR  C. NERC Certified Operator; plus one (1) year of experience performing above and related duties;  OR  D. An equivalent combination of education and experience.

2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Working knowledge of all 2500 Digital and Analog points in the SCADA System; PC and related electrical department program; GIS system and ARC reader; various MS Windows applications, i.e. Word, Excel, etc; Webcam operations. Knowledge of electronic theory, working knowledge for SCADA control over an electrical system and/or power plants; RTU functions and capabilities; SCADA system database development, editing, updating and SCADA display creation and updating; normal operating characteristics and parameters of various plant phases of operation, including turbines, generators, EGC control system, excitation alarms, hydraulics, cooling alarms and trips, CO2, dewatering, UPS system, pond levels, MVAR, net-head limits, trips, etc.; various field devices and equipment, i.e., transformers, circuit breakers, switches, cutouts, sectionalizers, fuses, conductors, etc.; switching procedures; hotline tag and clearance procedures; city fiber network and associated aggregation hub sites; city IP Telephony phone system.

Ability to access, read and interpret GIS information as needed to communicate issues to field personnel; communicate effectively, verbally and written; ability to respond and make decisions concerning FERC Emergency Action Plans, unscheduled and scheduled power outages, etc.; ability to develop effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees and the public; ability to add or modify points in the SCADA System’s production data base.  Ability to discern colors in a computerized alarm notification mode and on the map board.

3. Special Qualifications:

Must be able and willing to work evening and weekend shift work and rotation in the schedule.  Some travel will be required.
Will be required to obtain Distribution System Operator Certification through Bismarck National Energy Center of Excellence, NERC certification, or approval equal program.

How to Apply:

Please apply online at www.idahofallsidaho.gov under Employment > Current Jobs

Posting End Date: August 31, 2018