Company Name: Franklin PUD
Phone Number: (509) 546-5954
City: Pasco
State/Provence: Washington
Zip: 99302
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Information Technology / IS and Application Support
Posting Start Date: September 29, 2017
Salary: $59,174 - $87,700
Salary Per: Per Year
Work Time: 5
Work Time Type: Days


The Business Systems Analyst II is responsible for optimizing business applications and databases used by the District.  This position provides strategy, design, administration, maintenance, and support of District enterprise databases and business applications by providing technical expertise in the areas of Business Intelligence which include but are not limited to:  data management, data optimization, data warehousing, data analysis, data indexing, trouble-shooting, custom report writing and end user training.



  1. Accountable for the development of technology solutions for District information technology (IT) problems and the maintenance and integration of business applications and systems that support the District’s business operations.
  2. Responsible for developing, maintaining, optimizing, testing, and assisting with work management solutions and integrations between core business applications.
  3. Responsible for managing security accounts, user roles, privileges and ensuring appropriate security and privacy measures are implement on technology solutions to protect District data from intentional or accidental misuse.
  4. Responsible for evaluating, recommending, testing, debugging, training end users and supporting District software solutions.
  5. Keeps current with knowledge required to use the tools and programming languages required to develop, test, maintain and administer databases and business applications.
  6. Responsible for implementing and testing rate schedule changes approved by the District.
  7. Works with departmental users and act as liaison to determine needs, cost effectiveness and viability of software solutions.
  8. Ensures that business critical applications are available during District business hours.
  9. Creates custom reports requested by District personnel.
  10. Professional behavior: Understands and follows the District’s and supervisor’s expectations regarding appropriate dress, attendance, punctuality, scheduled and unscheduled time off, and appropriate use of District time, equipment and resources.
  11. Teamwork: Supports IT department goals and helps promote a positive team Participates in department meetings, internal committees, or work groups as requested. Actively and positively participates in these meetings to brainstorm, find solutions, and share information.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned.

Business Systems Analyst II: GIS and Spatial Analysis Addendum

Systems Supported:

  1. NISC MapWise: ESRI, AppSuite
  2. Intergraph G/Technology
  • Desktop Engineering Design
  • Viewing software
  • Mobile Disconnected Viewing software
  1. Intergraph GeoMedia
  • Desktop GIS analysis
  • Desktop Viewing software
  • Mobile Disconnected analysis and viewing
  1. Relational Databases
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • other databases

System Environments:

  1. Oracle, SQL Server, and Database servers
  2. Windows Server, including Application Server
  3. Engineering Software – Synergi, SpidaCalc
  4. Virtual Environment – VMWare

Preferred Software/Toolsets:

  1. ESRI Software
  2. Intergraph G/Technology Administrator tool set
  3. Condor/QGIS/AutoCAD
  4. Oracle Database management utilities
  5. SQL Developer- Database interface utility
  6. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Experience Required:

Education and experience: BA/BS in Management Information Systems, Computer Science or field related to functional area. A minimum of five years of specific functional support level experience with the relevant technologies is required. In lieu of BA/BS, a minimum of an AA/AS and seven years directly related experience. A professional level IT certification is preferred.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  1. Advanced troubleshooting
  2. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and courteously in written and verbal form, including documentation of systems, processes, and
  3. Demonstrated knowledge of SQL query language, including spatial datatypes in Oracle, SQL Server.
  4. Facility in scripting and automating system and data management and maintenance
  5. Facility in teaching and training users of software and systems.

Additional knowledge, skills and abilities: Ability to stay current with technology and to apply training and experience to District related application solutions. Ability to learn functional Information Technology work processes of electric utilities and manage multiple projects. Aptitude and initiative to understand the inner workings of applications and databases. In-depth knowledge of relational database concepts, ETL methodologies, and client-server environment and virtualization technologies.  In-depth knowledge and experience working with web server application environments, system analysis, programming design, Microsoft SQL and Oracle.  In-depth knowledge of IT principles and best practices including strong documentation skills.  Must have experience with database tools, monitoring software and operating system utilities. Experience in tracking work/trouble issues with ticketing systems.  Experience in documenting technical issues and maintaining knowledge bases.  Able to effectively communicate orally and in writing, able to develop an understanding of the District’s operations and procedures, analyze business problems and opportunities and have strong analytical and problem resolution skills. Signs and understands IT Employee Confidentiality Agreement.


  • Works mainly indoors and sits at video display terminal (PC) for extended periods of time.
  • Operates microcomputers, telephone, motor vehicle, and office Operates a keyboard with repetitive motions.
  • Possesses coordination and visual acuity to operate office equipment, operate microcomputers and discern color, and safely operate motor
  • Possesses hearing and speaking abilities to effectively communicate in person and by phone, attend training, participate in meetings, ask and answer
  • Works alone in electronics buildings at remote telecommunication
  • Stoops, crouches, sits, reaches, pushes and
  • Lifts, carries, pushes and pulls up to 30
How to Apply:

Visit to learn more about the position, benefits offered and how to apply.

Posting End Date: October 27, 2017