Company Name: Franklin PUD
Phone Number: (509) 546-5954
City: Pasco
State/Provence: Washington
Zip: 99302
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Finance and Accounting
Posting Start Date: March 16, 2018
Salary: $115,314 - $171,425
Salary Per: Per Year
Work Time Type: Hours

The position reports to the Board of Commissioners in the capacity of Auditor and, as Director of Administrative Services, to the General Manager.  As the chief financial officer of the District, it has responsibility for the District’s accounting function, including the annual budget, compliance with all applicable accounting standards, and internal auditing. The position further provides oversight and supervision to Accounting, Information Technology, Broadband, Contracts Administration and Public Records.  As Auditor, the position is responsible for oversight of the Treasury function of the District.



  1. Supervision: Provides direct supervision to the Accounting Manager, Information Technology Manager, Broadband Services Manager, Contracts Administrator, Public Records Officer and the Administrative Assistant, and provides oversight of the employees they supervise.  Oversees workload prioritization in all divisions of the department, according to customer and District needs.  Responsible for decisions regarding staffing, including hiring, promoting, demoting, and taking disciplinary action.  Performs employee evaluations, determines need for training and approves/denies paid time off.  Recommends and approves salary actions.
  2. Administration of Accounting: Administers the financial affairs of the District, complying with policies, resolutions, laws, regulations, accounting practices and principles; makes financial presentations to staff and Commissioners. Works with bond rating agencies to help assure appropriate rating is maintained. Establishes and maintains financial records and prescribes controls.
  3. Internal auditing: Establishes and implements internal audit programs. Makes recommendations to assure compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Advises Commission regarding expenditures and approves payment.
  4. Budget: Plans, directs and controls the budget process. Proposes and manages the Department’s annual operating and capital budgets. Responsible for formulation and analysis of budget reports. Makes budget status presentations to staff and to the Board of Commissioners.
  5. Administration of Treasury function: Manages short and long term financing programs, including forecasting, investment strategies, cash-flow management, and makes recommendations to ensure the District meets its financial obligations/requirements.
  6. Broadband: Responsible for District’s broadband business unit which provides wholesale broadband services to retail service providers in Franklin County.  Also responsible for strategic oversight to ensure that the broadband business unit is providing maximum value to the District.
  7. Information Technology: Responsible for the Districts Information Technology unit, which includes network infrastructure and security, operating systems and support, database administration, and business continuity.
  8. Contracts: In consultation with the District’s legal counsel, provides general oversight, of District contracts, bid documents, requests for proposals, and quote documents to ensure the proper execution of contracts and other legal documents.  Serves as the District’s liaison for the legal counsel.
  9. Records management: Responsible for the District’s records management program and supervision of the Public Records Officer.
  10. Insurance: Responsible for the District’s liability and property insurance program. Ensures the District maintains insurance coverage at appropriate levels.
  11. Handling Claims: Responsible for managing claims made against the District as well as claims asserted by the District against other parties.
  12. Privacy Officer: Responsible for managing the District’s Identity Theft Prevention Program, by serving as the District’s Privacy Officer and heading the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) Committee.
  13. Commission interaction: Responsible for informing the Board of departmental matters and for appropriate recommendations on financial matters requiring Board action. Attends regular and special meetings of the Board and makes presentations as appropriate.
  14. Power risk management: Administers policies and serves as Chair of the District’s Risk Management Committee. Administers the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program and participates as an integral part of the ERM committee.
  15. Enterprise risk management: Participates as an integral part of the enterprise risk management committee.
  16. Representation at meetings: Represents the District at meetings, conferences and other events, sponsored by members of the public power community, local service organizations and other entities, as deemed appropriate.
  17. Professional relationships: Maintains positive working relationships with appropriate officials at the local, county, state, and federal level, customers and vendors to promote the objectives of the District.
  18. Industry issues: Monitors and keeps current on standards and practices, regulations relating to Accounting, Information Technology, Broadband, Contract Administration and Public Records. Implements new programs and practices as necessary.
  19. Leadership: Contributes to setting the direction of the District as a member of the Management Leadership Team. Participates in the development and implementation of the District’s biennial operating plans. Offers information and guidance to all departments in matters relating to budget preparation and implementation; performs analysis and provides information on the financial impact of business decisions.
  20. Acting General Manager: In the absence of the General Manager, may be called upon to assume the daily duties of that position, within the guidelines of the Succession of Authority policy, to effectively continue the business of the District.
  21. Rate Advisory Committee: Coordinates activities of the Districts’ Rate Advisory Committee throughout the year. Develops presentations and leads Rate Advisory Committee meetings that occur at least annually.
  22. Support the District’s mission and vision to serve our customers and foster a positive workplace environment by personally choosing behavior aligned with our values.
  23. Performs other duties as assigned.
Experience Required:

Education and experience: A bachelor’s degree in public administration, accounting, business administration or related field is required.  Ten years of progressively responsible work experience in government accounting or a utility accounting environment and five years of supervisory experience is also required.  A Certified Public Accountant designation is preferred.

Knowledge, skills and abilities: Thorough understanding of government accounting standards and ability to stay current on developments and changes to these standards. Understanding of automation and its uses in financial management, experience in general contract administration, public records, information technology and broadband.  Strong management and leadership skills including the ability to successfully work in a team environment, mentor staff, plan and organize. Ability to effectively listen and communicate orally and in writing and make public presentations. Ability to analyze and solve problems conceptually.

How to Apply:

Please visit our website at to learn more about the position, benefits offered by Franklin PUD, and to find out how to apply.

Posting End Date: April 16, 2018