Apprentice Qualified Lineman

Company Name: PacifiCorp
Phone Number: (503) 813-7178
City: Albany
State/Provence: Oregon
Zip: 97321
Job Title: Apprentice Qualified Lineman
Number of Openings: 1
Position Type: Linecrew
Posting Start Date: May 15, 2017
Salary: $26.13
Salary Per: Per Hour
Work Time: 40
Work Time Type: Hours

An Apprentice Qualified Lineman is a position designed to prepare the applicant for a three-year Lineman apprenticeship and, ultimately, into a position as a Journeyman Lineman. The Lineman Apprentice Qualified Lineman will hold the position for a minimum of 6 month up to a maximum of 2 years. Successful completion of the Apprentice Qualified Lineman program will qualify the employee for a Lineman apprenticeship at a location to be selected by PacifiCorp (the Company) within northern California, and Southern Oregon.

The Apprentice Qualified Lineman will perform physical labor necessary to assist with the installing, maintaining, repairing and/or operating Company equipment and facilities. Performance of duties would include: clean-up work, debris removal, loading and unloading materials, storage of items, digging, grounds maintenance, fueling vehicles, cleaning and painting equipment and performing work using various hand-held tools. You may be required to drive a Company vehicle to transport personnel and equipment to and from work sites and run errands as assigned. Curriculum will include classroom work, on-the-job training and completion of a skills check-off list to be jointly completed by the line foreman and the Apprentice Qualified. PacifiCorp and IBEW Local 659 will administer the program.


Physical Demands of the Apprentice Qualified Lineman:

The job duties of Lineman require lifting in excess of 75 lbs from floor to waist and waist to overhead, carrying in excess of 75 lbs with both hands, and pushing and pulling in excess of 100 lbs of exertional force. Job duties of the Lineman require sustained, awkward positions/postures including bending and twisting at the waist and neck; reaching forward, to the side, across the body and overhead. Additional requirements of the Lineman position include forceful grip and pinch; manipulation of small objects; balancing on one or both legs during dynamic activities; manipulation of large objects during activities requiring balance and sustained awkward postures.

Experience Required:

Requirements of this position include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have a high school diploma, GED, or proof of equivalent.
  • Possess a current Driver’s License with the ability to obtain a Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License within six months of initial employment. Prior to the first day performing work as an Apprentice Qualified Lineman, a CDL learners permit is required for the state the position is in. This can be obtained following a job offer during the pre-employment process.
  • Must have received a passing score of 5 or higher on the NJATC examination.
  • Must perform a mechanical skills evaluation (MSE). This evaluation is a variety of trade oriented tasks the applicant will be expected to perform routinely on the job.
  • Individuals, who pass the aptitude test and MSE, must also successfully pass the interview and rating phase.  An interview panel will meet with each qualifying applicant and at the completion of the interview, determine a numerically rated score.
  • Once selected for the Apprentice Qualified candidate list, applicants must pass a company-paid physical, drug screen and background check, which is processed after a job offer is extended and accepted.
  • This position requires a post-offer, pre-placement physical capacity screening, conducted by a licensed physical therapist, to assure the candidate meets the physical demands of the job. The screening will assess only the identified physical demands of the job being applied for.
Posting End Date: June 14, 2017