Proposed Resolutions

The following resolutions are proposed for membership consideration for 2018:

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IndexIndex of Proposed 2018 NWPPA Resolutions.PDF.DOCX
No Substantive changes for 2018:
2018-01Energy Efficiency.PDF.DOCX
2018-10In Support of Small Modular Reactors.PDF.DOCX
2018-13In Support of Grid Modernization Assistance.PDF.DOCX
2018-14Rural Utility Service.PDF.DOCX
2018-15Ensuring Adequate Federal Funds to Combat Catastrophic Wildfires.PDF.DOCX
2018-16Vegetation Management and Fire Prevention on Rights of Way.PDF.DOCX
2018-17Support Use of Drones by Consumer-Owned Utilities.PDF.DOCX
Proposed 2018 Resolutions for Individual Consideration
2018-02In Support of All Hydropower as a Renewable Resource.PDF.DOCX
2018-03Protecting the Bulk Electric System from Cyber and Physical Attacks.PDF.DOCX
2018-04Reliability Standards and Defining Resiliency.PDF.DOCX
2018-05In Support of Local Decision-making for DER Integration.PDF.DOCX
2018-06Opposition to Changing the Role and Rates of the Power Marketing Administrations.PDF.DOCX
2018-07Urging EPA Consideration of Economic Impacts on Utilities when Developing Environmental Regulations.PDF.DOCX
2018-08Support for Tax-Exempt Financing.PDF.DOCX
2018-11Urging Consideration of the Economic Impacts of the Endangered Species Act.PDF.DOCX
New for 2018
2018-09Safeguarding Local Control – FCC & Pole Attachments.PDF.DOCX
2018-12In Support of Improved Efforts, by Utilities and the Federal Government, to Respond to Natural Disasters.PDF.DOCX
2018-18Public Power Support of Electric Vehicles Policies.PDF.DOCX