A membership grassroots process determines NWPPA’s annual slate of resolutions. This process begins with NWPPA members and staff individually or collectively drafting proposed resolutions or preparing comments on existing resolutions prior to submitting them to NWPPA for presentation to the Government Relations Committee (GRC).

Having completed this process, the following are the approved slate of 2018 resolutions that were passed by the membership at the May 21, 2018, Annual Business Meeting.

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Index Index of 2018 NWPPA Resolutions .PDF .DOCX
2018-01 Energy Efficiency .PDF .DOCX
2018-02 In Support of All Hydropower as a Renewable Resource .PDF .DOCX
2018-03 Protecting the Bulk Electric System from Cyber and Physical Attacks .PDF .DOCX
2018-04 Reliability Standards and Defining Resiliency .PDF .DOCX
2018-05 In Support of Local Decision-making for DER Integration .PDF .DOCX
2018-06 Opposition to Changing the Role and Rates of the Power Marketing Administrations .PDF .DOCX
2018-07 Urging EPA Consideration of Economic Impacts on Utilities When Developing Environmental Regulations .PDF .DOCX
2018-08 Support for Tax-Exempt Financing .PDF .DOCX
2018-09 Safeguarding Local Control--FCC & Pole Attachments .PDF .DOCX
2018-10 In Support of Small Modular Reactors .PDF .DOCX
2018-11 Urging Consideration of the Economic Impacts of the Endangered Species Act .PDF .DOCX
2018-12 In Support of Improved Efforts, by Utilities and the Federal Government, to Respond to Natural Disasters .PDF .DOCX
2018-13 In Support of Grid Modernization Assistance .PDF .DOCX
2018-14 Rural Utility Service .PDF .DOCX
2018-15 Ensuring Adequate Federal Funds to Combat Catastrophic Wildfires .PDF .DOCX
2018-16 Vegetation Management and Fire Prevention on Rights of Way .PDF .DOCX
2018-17 Support Use of Drones by Consumer-Owned Utilities .PDF .DOCX
2018-18 Public Power Support of Electric Vehicles Policies .PDF .DOCX

A complete packet of printed resolutions can be requested from NWPPA by e-mailing or calling our office at (360) 254-0109.

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