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Vendor Café Information:

NWPPA is seeking fourteen (16) E&O exhibitors to display one of their latest new products, technologies or services during our Vendor Café on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 from 8-9:20 a.m.

The Vendor Café includes the morning refreshments for E&O attendees. The Café will give attendees a taste of what they will see in the trade show. This is a special, no charge early opportunity for selected exhibitors to display and talk one-on-one with attendees before the tradeshow opens.

Space is limited and our E&O judges are selective so complete your application now! Applications are due by January 13, 2017.

If you have questions, please call Jenny Keesey at 360-901-3131 or by email at Jennifer@nwppa.org.

Vendor Café Application


Exhibitor space is SOLD OUT!

Contact Jenny Keesey to be placed on a waiting list.

Click here to view a list of 2017 exhibitors

For questions: Contact Jenny Keesey at 360-901-3131, or jennifer@nwppa.org.

NWPPA Event Guidelines:

These guidelines relate to activities or events held before, during, or after NWPPA events where attendees are gathered and anyone may wish to hold an event or activity to take advantage of the availability of attendees. Contact Scott Lowry at 360-816-1448 for more information.

Other Events or Activities

  • NWPPA-reviewed and -approved events will be allowed at NWPPA’s discretion.
  • Anyone may contact the NWPPA event manager to discuss an event that you would like to hold before, during, or after the dates of an NWPPA event. (Contact Scott Lowry at 360-816-1448)
  • NWPPA will work with you to determine if there is space and a time for your event to be held. Meals with attendees of NWPPA events are encouraged, but are to be held outside of NWPPA event hours.
  • If your event is approved by NWPPA you are responsible for the costs, promotions, and arrangements of the event.
  • Failure to work with the NWPPA event manager and abide by NWPPA’s decisions may result in loss of priority points, cancellation of exhibit space, sponsorships, utility and associate committee charters, committee membership, associate membership, and attendance.

Exhibitor Rules & Regulations:

Statement of Liability: It is agreed that the Northwest Public Power Association, or its officers or trustees, shall not be liable for any loss or damage from any cause whatsoever to my/our exhibit materials while in transit to or from my/our premises to the exhibit area or while on display in said exhibit area. It is also agreed that the Northwest Public Power Association, or its officers or trustees, shall not be liable for any personal injury that may be sustained by an exhibitor, employee, or visitor while in the exhibit area. You and your organization also agree to fully indemnify and save harmless the Northwest Public Power Association, its officers and trustees, against any and all claims, damages, liability, and suits at law, by reason of any personal injury sustained by any person whatsoever within the exhibit space allotted to the applicant, or by reason of the acts of the applicant or any of their agents, or servants or employees.

Payments and Cancellation Policy: Initial deposit of 50% must be made at the time Exhibitor is notified of assigned exhibit space via NWPPA mailed confirmation packets. NWPPA will invoice for balance due amounts. Any exhibit space not paid for in full by September 1, 2016, can be reassigned or cancelled without refund of deposit. Exhibitors shall have the right to cancel their exhibit space by written notice to NWPPA. If the cancelled exhibit space is resold, then NWPPA may grant refunds according to the following schedule: Cancellations received in writing by December 16, 2016 – 50% refund; by January 17, 2017 – 25% refund; on or after February 13, 2017, or failure to occupy space, no refund. No refund will be made after February 13, even if space is resold. Under all circumstances, NWPPA retains the right to resell booth space cancelled by Exhibitor.

Official Decorator: GES (Global Experience Specialists, Inc.) is the official decorator. GES has jurisdiction over the movement of freight and exhibits in and out of the exhibit area, along with the set-up, dismantling and decorating of exhibits. The GES National Service Center can be reached at (800) 475-2098. Their fax is (866) 329-1437.

Exhibit Services: The Exhibitors Service Kit will be sent via e-mail to all confirmed exhibit-space-assigned Exhibitors on or about February 3, 2017. This kit includes order forms for furniture rental, gas, water, drains, cartage, uncrating, storage, erecting and dismantling of exhibits. Exhibitors will be billed directly by GES for their services at reasonable and uniform rates. A Schedule of Rates will accompany the e-mailed Exhibitor Service Kit. After receipt of NWPPA’s confirmation packet, confirmed exhibit-space-assigned Exhibitors may request that a service kit be mailed (as opposed to e-mailed) by contacting GES at the number above.

Shipping and Storage: GES has been contracted to handle all the shipping and freight handling for E&O Conference. Please send all advance freight to the GES warehouse address that will be published in the exhibitor service kit. Exhibitor freight will be received up to 30 days prior to the first day of exhibitor move-in. Exhibitors may also send their exhibit directly to the Reno Events Center. Shipments sent directly to the convention center should not arrive before the first day of exhibitor move-in, April 11, 2017. Any shipment sent to the convention center before the first day of exhibitor move-in will be redirected to the GES warehouse and additional service charges will apply. Complete shipping addresses and information will be in the GES Exhibitor Service Kit that will be sent to you approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the first day of show move-in. Please do not ship your booth furnishings, contents, etc. to the Silver Legacy, the Reno Ballroom, or the Reno Events Center.

Vehicle Off-load: Exhibitors may hand carry material or use dollies ONLY if the material is unloaded from a Privately Owned Vehicle. Special access and hours for Privately Owned Vehicles will be outlined in the Exhibitor Service Kit. Please contact GES with any questions or concerns.

Space Allocation: In the interest of sponsoring a well-balanced show, NWPPA will allocate display space after giving consideration to preferences of all exhibitors. NWPPA reserves the right to decline any application entirely, grant less space than requested, or place exhibitors in the trade show as necessary regardless of their preferences.

Reassignment of Exhibit Space: Exhibit space is sold for the exclusive use of the organization purchasing the space. With NWPPA approval, the purchasing company may allow its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (i.e. manufacturer represented by a local firm) to occupy the exhibit space. Under no circumstances may exhibit space be resold by an exhibitor without specific written permission from NWPPA.

Installation of Exhibits: Exhibits may be installed beginning at 10 a.m. on April 10, 2017, and must be completed by noon on April 11. Any booth that is not ready for display by 12 Noon on April 11 will be completed by the official decorator and installation fees will be charged to the exhibitor. NWPPA will not permit any moving of exhibits after the opening of the E&O Conference at 3:30 p.m. on April 11. GES will be available in the exhibit hall to coordinate booth installation and handle special requests. Exhibitors who “no show” will forfeit all priority points for the year.

Show Hours: The show hours published in this guide may be altered. Please consult the E&O Conference brochure, mailed in early January 2017, for actual hours of all conference events. Unless otherwise noted for set-up or dismantle, the exhibit hall is closed to all entry between Open Hours. Exhibitor personnel will be able to access the floor 15 minutes before each show opening to prepare their booth(s).

Removal of Exhibits: Exhibits may be dismantled beginning at 12:50 p.m. on April 13, 2017. No exhibits are to be dismantled or packed prior to 12:50 p.m. on April 13, 2017. Early dismantle will result in a forfeiture of one-half of this year’s priority points. All exhibits must be removed by 5:30 p.m. on April 13. Any exhibits not completely dismantled and removed by that time will be removed by GES at their prevailing rates and charged to the exhibitor.

Exhibit Limitations: Exhibitors must provide a diagram and request NWPPA approval for any booth displays that will exceed 8 ft. in height or protrude more than 4 ft. from the back wall. Display fixtures over 4 ft. high need to be placed in the back half of the booth (away from the aisle). Obstruction of neighboring exhibitors will not be permitted. Unfinished portions of exhibit booths will be made presentable by the show decorator, with all charges to be paid by the exhibitor. NWPPA encourages and enforces a “Good Neighbor” policy.

Peninsula Booths: Exhibit spaces that face aisles on three sides and adjoin other booths on the fourth side are considered peninsula booths. In these spaces, the maximum height within 5 linear feet of the aisle is 3 ft. Within 5 linear feet of the center-line, the back wall of the booth may be up to 8 ft. high. Exhibitors must request NWPPA approval for any variances to this rule.

Sound Control: NWPPA cannot permit audio, video, or equipment demonstrations which are of sufficient volume as to be disturbing to neighboring exhibits. NWPPA encourages and enforces a “Good Neighbor” policy.

Signs: Exhibitors must provide a diagram and request NWPPA approval for any special signs, apparatus, etc. that will extend more than 8 ft. above the floor. No interference with light or space of other exhibits will be allowed without permission from NWPPA. Illuminated signs must be placed against the back of the booth.

Care of Exhibit Space and Facility: No material of any kind is to be fastened, adhered, or attached to any surface in the exhibit hall. Any charges for damage caused by an exhibitor, particularly during move-in or move-out or as a result of improper installation, will be billed to the exhibitor. NWPPA will arrange to have the carpeted main aisles of the exhibit hall vacuumed after the close of each day. However, in order to allow your equipment to be permanently displayed, custodians are instructed NOT to enter your exhibit area. All exhibitors should arrange for daily housekeeping within their exhibit area.

Security: In-house security for exhibits is provided by NWPPA during closed hours, but neither the management of the Reno Events Center, NWPPA, the conference decorator, nor their agents will be responsible for any personal injury to the exhibitor or his agent or the safety of exhibitors against theft or damage by fire, accidents, or other causes. Security service is limited to the perimeter. It is intended to limit and control access to the room, but cannot monitor all areas of the floor at all times. All property of the exhibitor shall be deemed to remain under the exhibitor’s custody and control in storage, in transit to or from, and within the confines of the exhibit hall even though it may at anytime be under the temporary control or direction of NWPPA or its service contractors.

Insurance: Exhibitors who desire to carry insurance on their exhibits must place it at their own expense.

Chemical Displays and Usage: Any chemical brought onto the Reno Events Center property must be accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet as required by Federal and State Occupations Hazard Administration regulations and EPA guidelines. No hazardous chemical may be brought onto Reno Events Center property for usage/display purposes or demonstrations without prior written approval from the Reno Events Center. Special permits may be required by the Fire Marshall or other agencies.

Amendments: NWPPA may at any time amend these terms, conditions, and documents, included herein by references, and each exhibitor shall be bound thereby. NWPPA, through its representatives, shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all rules contained herein, and the power to make such amendments thereto and such further Rules and Regulations as they shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of this conference.