2020 NWPPA Annual Meeting Postponed

2020 NWPPA Annual Meeting Postponed

April 3, 2020

NWPPA’s Annual Conference and Membership Meeting is always a time of great joy. It is where several hundred board members and staff of consumer-owned utilities from across the greater Northwest gather to learn, network, and catch up with friends and colleagues. Not only is this event a great educational opportunity that highlights important topics that impact our members, but it is also a time of community. We value the time it affords us to elect our trustees and officers, as well as acknowledge and honor those who stand out in our industry.

I am sad to announce that this year’s annual meeting scheduled for May 17-20 in Kennewick, Wash., must be postponed. The board meeting for May is also postponed. We have not made this decision lightly; however, forecasts show that safety concerns from COVID-19, restrictions against large events in Washington state, and travel restrictions for our members are likely to continue into May. All of these factors impede our ability to guarantee that we can hold the top-tier event that our members expect and deserve. Our primary consideration will always be the safety of our members and staff, and we strive to involve our broadest membership in the events that we convene.

We are looking at moving the annual meeting business elements, and some educational ones as well, to a day associated with our board meeting in the second week of September at the Murano in Tacoma. As we confirm the logistics, we will provide more details about a rescheduled annual meeting in 2020 via our communication channels, including www.nwppa.org and social media. In the meantime, those who are already registered for the 2020 event will receive refund information via email.

For next year’s annual meeting, our goal is to schedule it in Kennewick and roll forward many of the elements that we were so looking forward to enjoying in the Tri-Cities.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time. I look forward to seeing you all at our annual meeting—and other live events—as soon as possible.


Scott Corwin
NWPPA Executive Director