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Regulatory Committees & Forums

Below please find a short description of three committees actively working on regulatory issues. Each committee description briefly covers the purpose of the activity; its meeting schedule; how to sign-up or participate on the committee and resources related to the committee’s work. The committees are:

  • BES Ad Hoc Work Group Committee
  • NWPPA Environmental Task Force (ETF)

BES Ad Hoc Workgroup Committee

Focus: Bulk Electric System - Definition and Exemption Method (NERC/FERC/WECC)

Overview: The BES Workgroup is a coalition of NWPPA members, Western associations, and other entities interested in Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability standards and enforcement topics, including the development of a BES definition and Exception process that would:

  1. Maintain and improve the reliability of the BES
  2. Focus reliability efforts only on facilities and entities that actually impact the BES
  3. Reduce unnecessary compliance documentation and compliance penalties for pro forma, routine or non-substantive documentation errors
  4. Supports the Energy Policy Act of 2005 that states the definition of the BES does not apply to facilities used in the local distribution of electric energy

For more information about participating in this committee, please contact Scott Lowry at (360) 816-1448.

NWPPA's Environmental Task Force Committee.

The Environmental Task Force (ETF) examines environmental issues and the impact of current and proposed environmental regulations on electric utilities. Meetings occur three times each year to review and discuss new and proposed regulations and issues facing each utility and to hear from subject matter experts on key issues of the day, as well as from vendors with new technology or services. The ETF meetings are a premier solution-focused, learning, and networking venue that bring utility, industry and government environmental professionals together on a regular basis.

The ETF is always looking for important topics for future meetings and is a resource for NWPPA members with questions. If you have a topic you would like covered or would like to share your toughest compliance question, please provide your thoughts by clicking on this survey link:

For more information about participating in this committee, please contact Scott Lowry at (360) 816-1448.