Utility Membership

How Do I Become A Member?

NWPPA is an "entity" or "corporate" membership organization. To join, your utility must join first and then list its employees who wish to participate in the associations' programs.

Call, write, or e-mail us for membership information. Dues are calculated from a formula that uses your system's retail kilowatt hour sales and number of employees at your utility. If you would like to know more about NWPPA utility membership, or receive a dues calculation form, please contact NWPPA at nwppa@nwppa.org or by phone at (360) 254-0109, write to us at, 9817 NE 54th St., Ste. 200, Vancouver, WA 98662-6064.

The Northwest Public Power Association is a regional organization that will provide you with tools to help you compete in the utility industry. Our programs are timely and targeted to help you stay competitive in an industry bursting with change. Our membership is made up of over 150 consumer-owned utilities including public utility districts, electric cooperatives, municipalities and crown corporations in the Western U.S. and Canada. NWPPA can provide you with services and products, training and education, communications, federal legislation coordination, data and networking opportunities to help you move the mountains you face in today's rapidly changing world.

Trade alliances and industry associations have been essential tools in enabling public power to successfully meet its mission of providing reliable service to its customers at the most affordable cost possible. In fact, NWPPA and its sister organizations have helped public power thrive in an environment where other energy providers usually have far greater financial resources.

What Do You Receive As A Member?


NWPPA offers over 200 workshops and conferences each year training thousands of employees and board members. The Association keeps abreast of its member training needs through a strong committee structure. Courses are offered in most functional utility operation areas. In addition, NWPPA offers board and management training to meet the demands of operating a utility in a competitive marketplace. For utilities located in remote areas, the Association has developed a technical, individual specific and general job skills distance-learning program in conjunction with Eastern Oregon University. The Association also offers an e-learning study center in conjunction with Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE). Webinars are offered to members throughout the year covering current events and issues in the utility industry. NWPPA's four major conferences, issue forums and Annual Meeting are recognized as some of the best offered anywhere in the country.


Committees And Task Forces

Run by members, each of our committees and task forces covers a specific topic area. NWPPA's committees, sections and roundtables should be key components of your utility's employee succession plan. The groups offer members an opportunity to participate in the development of training and new services and products. Members also share ideas and experiences. Where better to learn about working with diverse groups of people, broaden horizons with outside-industry related committee assignments, learn skills chairing committees and contributing something back to the industry. Current active committees are: Government Relations; Information technology; Marketeers/Communicators; Power Supply; Pricing, Rates & Economics; Utility 3 C's Workshop Committee; Power Supply Workshop Committee; Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant Workshop Committee; Alaska Utility Conference; Engineering & Operations; and Northwest Communications & Energy Innovations Conference Committee. Task Forces include: Environmental Task Force.



Members receive the region's only industry-specific monthly magazine. The Bulletin is a 32-page magazine packed with industry and member feature stories, news-brief-style industry updates, personnel changes, job opportunities, and news about NWPPA events. NWPPA produces the annual Northwest Electric Utility Directory. Its 136 pages are a comprehensive "yellow pages" that includes important information about: utilities in the region; Associate Members listings - including an (Associate Member Products and Services Guide,) government agencies, and energy-related trade associations. The Association publishes a weekly eBulletin electronic e-mail newsletter with up-to-date information about the utility industry delivered right to your e-mail each Monday afternoon.


Federal Legislative Representation and Coordination

While statewide organizations focus on legislative efforts affecting their respective states, NWPPA represents the regional issues of it members on a federal level. We employ federal lobbyists to represent our member’s interests in Washington D.C. which work with NWPPA and its Government Relations Committee. We sponsor an annual face-to-face trip to Washington D.C. and we hold meetings with association leaders to coordinate federal legislative activities. Each year the membership passes resolutions which become NWPPA's membership position on energy issues affecting the region and country. These public power statements communicate our members positions to legislators and other important audiences and interest groups. As a member you have the opportunity to create and vote on these important resolutions.

NWPPA and Public Power Council (PPC) co-sponsor a grassroots political advocacy program called People Power. The program encourages utilities to develop a grassroots database of utility customers that can weigh in with elected officials on specific issues of interest to public power and the Northwest. A Web site has been established for this grassroots effort at www.pplpwr.org and is maintained by NWPPA staff. NWPPA utility members have full access to a variety of issue alerts, white papers, reference materials, and related resources to help them with information to distribute to their customers on public power issues.



Information is power and in a competitive, deregulated environment having the right information is critical to success. The Association gathers information and distributes the aggregated results to members by conducting periodic surveys of its membership.



Cooperative Programs to Meet Specific Member Needs

NWPPA provides services for a fee to groups of utilities that want to work cooperatively on certain programs. These service-for-fee programs include: Safety Training Program, utilities in need of safety services on a part time basis are grouped with other utilities in geographical areas and a safety professional is provided to attend to the needs of the utility at a predetermined service level and fee; Environmental Forums, Legal counsel experienced in this matter review federal and state requirements placed on utilities and provide information essential to navigating the complex rules, requirements, and responsibilities of utilities; and the Labor and Employee Relations Group, this group is comprised of labor relations experts of both public and private utilities. They meet to discuss IBEW employee/management issues in the workplace.


Utility Dues

Dues are calculated from a formula that uses a utility's retail kilowatt hour sales and number of employees. To receive a dues calculation sheet, please contact NWPPA at nwppa@nwppa.org or by phone at (360) 254-0109.

Click here to view a PDF of NWPPA's utility membership brochure