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1/8/2014   Communicating with Your Utility Customers Webinar Series
4/28/2014   SCPPA Foreman Leadership #3 & #4
4/30/2014   The Customer Focus
5/2/2014   Northwest Wage & Hour May Quarterly Meeting
5/6/2014   Lineman Skills Series - All 3 days
5/6/2014   Lineman Skills Series: Day 1 - AC Transformers, Advanced Theory and Practical Application
5/6/2014   Project Management for Utility Personnel
5/6/2014   Nuts and Bolts of Work Orders
5/7/2014   Lineman Skills Series: Day 2 - Regulators and Capacitors: Power Quality for Linemen
5/8/2014   Lineman Skills Series: Day 3 - Personal Protective Grounding
5/8/2014   Qualified Worker Training
5/13/2014   IT Section Meeting featuring BPA Customer Portal Presentation
5/13/2014   RCRA Training for Utility Personnel
5/14/2014   HAZWOPER 8-Hour First Responder Awareness and Refresher Training for Utility Personnel
5/14/2014   Front Line Leadership #2: Leadership Challenges
5/14/2014   Helping Customers Understand Usage and Conservation Measures
5/18/2014   NWPPA Annual Conference and Membership Meeting
5/19/2014   Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order
6/2/2014   Communicating in Crisis Situations
6/2/2014   Distribution Engineering Planning & Analysis (Distribution Engineering Series Class #1)
6/3/2014   Crisis Media Training
6/4/2014   Operations Manager & Line Superintendent Bootcamp 2013/2014 Second Series - Session 4
6/4/2014   Pathways to Leadership Session 5: Lead Your Organization Sustain Excellence and Manage Change
6/9/2014   Staking Technician Program - Underground Line Design and Subdivision Layout
6/9/2014   Electric Utility System Operations
6/10/2014   Workforce Compliance Webinar Series
6/10/2014   Workforce Compliance: Employee Policies - Paperweight or Powerhouse?
6/11/2014   Electric Distribution Systems
6/11/2014   Staking Technician Program - Protection/Basic Sectionalizing Design
6/11/2014   Communicating through Body Language
6/11/2014   Advanced Communication Skills for Customer Service Professionals