Clark’s Joshua Vincent Receives 2018 Safety Heroism Award


Vancouver, Wash. –  Last week, Clark Public Utilities Customer Service Representative Joshua Vincent received the Northwest Public Power Association Safety Heroism Award at the association’s 2018 Engineering & Operations Conference on April 10 in Tacoma, Wash.

Vincent received the award for his life-saving actions on the evening of March 23, 2017. That day, Vincent was on a call with a customer when he noticed that she was disoriented and having trouble understanding basic information such as the time and date. Concerned, he suggested that the customer go seek medical help; she said she had a friend who was on their way. Not sure if she had help, Vincent called the customer’s home a couple more times over the course of 30 minutes and when her friend hadn’t arrived, he asked permission to call an ambulance to her address. The customer agreed, and the ambulance arrived just in time to save the customer’s life. She had been having a heart attack and was pre-stroke, so Vincent’s careful attention and concern was likely the reason she’s still alive. The customer and her family followed up with Vincent and thanked him.

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